On Friday the 13th, in the month of March, life changed and my habits changed. Sheltering in place became the norm and a daily walk became my routine.

As I first strolled, I spied so many spring trees in bloom, especially pink magnolias.

Days passed. I started to see signs of those stuck at home. They began to allow their creativity to spill out onto their sidewalks and front yards.

Days passed. As I walked the few blocks passing VA Hospital Center, I saw their flashing sign, “NO VISITORS” and this handmade sign.

Days passed. The tulips, daffoldils and red buds bloomed, signs that springtime was in full swing.

Days passed. Now I saw these signs taped to telephone poles

and this hand painted sign as I drove to the grocery store.

Days passed. I saw the hydrangia, my favorite, blooming, a sign that summer is just around the corner.

Days passed. As I continue to walk, I saw a mask hanging from the car visor, ready to be worn.

Days passed. I made this sign to end the “Highlights of 6th Grade” video shared virtually with my students on the last Monday of our school year.

Days will pass. Next Wednesday, I plan to stand at my school, wearing my mask, sporting my school’s spirit wear t-shirt, and holding this sign. The 8th grade families plan to drive through the school’s campus one more time to celebrate their promotion to high school.

So many signs of this time.
What signs are you seeing right now?

8 thoughts on “Signs

    • jcareyreads says:

      Great connection to the quotes. The mix of words and photos is really a “sign” of our times. You seem to see the hope in it all. I love the idea of creativity spilling out onto the sidewalks alongside the fallen petals.

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  1. Fran McCrackin says:

    I agree about your post being a perfect illustration of the quotes about noticing!
    I am noticing now how your signs encompass different “worlds”- the natural world, the large international world, your community and hospital, and your own school world.
    I like all the photos and the inclusion of the mask hanging on the car mirror adds a lot to this piece. Ditto the magnolia petals on the sidewalk after the blooms- that juxtaposition is very poetic.
    I think this could be a new genre!!!

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  2. dianeandlynne says:

    I love how you intertwine the signs of nature with the hand-made signs made by humans. We are on the cusp of summer and I hope we are also on the cusp of real change. I am sad that in my neighborhood I see few signs of support for BLM, but I am ever hopeful.

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  3. Denise Krebs says:

    Sally, what a great prompt for writing a post. I’ll have to think about what signs I’m seeing on my walk to school tomorrow. Days passed…and the flowers in your post show how the weeks and seasons are passing. So many signs of the times pop out in your post. What a time in our history. Perhaps the biggest sign I’m seeing is that we are due for big reform and the next step in finally living up to the creeds this country was founded on–from words only to really living them out. That’s my prayer.


  4. MegMcCormick says:

    Wow! I remember some of your pictures from March so what a deja vu feeling I had reading this and seeing how your “signs” have evolved months later. I love the time capsule feeling of this slice and how you weave your thoughts with the changes that are happening and are to come. I appreciate the hopeful tone and reserved optimism I am left with after reading this slice. Thank you for future slice inspiration!

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