Shopping for a Slicer Gathering

I head into Whole Foods and stop in the produce section first.
Apples – no
Lemons – no
Oranges – YES!

I stroll up aisle 4, a wall of chips to my right.
Potato – no
Tortilla – no
Cheese puffs – YES!

I wander the cheese bins nestled by the wines
Brie – no
Bleu – no
Cheddar – YES!

Then I drab a box of crackers and a bottle of Prosecco and head to the checkout. Once home, I check the bar for the Aperol. I’ll be fine for now but I make a note to replenish before the March 31st celebration. I am ready for a gathering of Slicers for Friday afternoon where I promised oranged snacks!!

NOTE: If you are a slicer and live near Arlington, VA, email me and I’ll send you my address! I am hosting a gathering on March 6th at 3pm and again on March 31st at 3pm. I always write better with orange snacks shared amongst slicer friends!!

9 thoughts on “Shopping for a Slicer Gathering

  1. dianeandlynne says:

    I remember that you did this last year. Wish I could join you. What a great way to foster community and enjoy orange snacks. Eat lots of oranges for vitamin C!

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  2. Suzanne Richardson says:

    I will be able to join you for the celebration, at the end of the month! Sorry I can’t join you today. Prior to seeing the title of your post, the little bit that popped up showed the first few items, with a “no” and I thought you were writing about lack of supplies due to the coronovirus!


  3. jcareyreads says:

    I remember your post about this last year. I love it. Maybe I’ll have to arrange an orange snack celebration. We have quite the crew Slicing in our district this year. Thanks for the inspiration and enjoy!

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