News via text

I awoke to two text. One from my daughter about her best friend:

The other from my friend who had her baby boy on Monday. Yet, due to her heart condition, she had to have a c-section and remains in the ICU after delivery and is awaiting a heart surgery. Days after delivering, she finally got to meet her baby boy. She sent a photo and this text:

These bookend text remind me of the preciousness of life. Today life feels hard. Today I am not really in the mood to work with self-absorbed middle schoolers. Today I want to just stay home and make each mother a meal and take them some comfort food. But I awake, read my texts and head to my daily routine. Even though my thoughts and prayers are with these two brave mothers.

(Full disclosure: after sharing my routine yesterday, I did not follow it last night. So tired, I went to bed without drafting. So this morning, with the text messages on my mind, I quickly drafted and published. So day 5, habit interrupted but I still push on and write.Today writing acts as a comfort.)

12 thoughts on “News via text

  1. margaretsmn says:

    There is so much sadness in the world, and yet a new life gives us something to celebrate and thank God for. God bless your two friends. I think you should take the day off and make that meal. Just saying…

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  2. MegMcCormick says:

    Sigh, you communicated this so well- to have tragedies on our mind yet simultaneously have to put our best foot forward with our kiddos. Glad you found comfort in your writing today.

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