I read the email reply with a smile.

“Thanks for the invite! I’ve never done this and am so excited about it. I signed up!”

Looking at the calendar,  11 more days until it starts.

11 more days until I’ll blog every day about something.

11 more days until I’ll read stories by friends and soon-to-be-friends.

11 more days until new friends join in.

Togehter, we all build our writing muscles.

I could write daily, alone.

I could jot in my journal, alone.

I could craft a poem, a paragraph, a small moment story, alone.

Instead, grateful for the TwoWritingTeachers community.

Together, we will pause and write and grow.



4 thoughts on “Together

  1. Ms Victor Reads says:

    I am excited too (and also nervous because I am trying to also complete the #100daysofnotebooking, which I have found very open). You are giving me the nudge to tell my colleagues about the month ahead and see if any will join in!

    Liked by 1 person

    • sallydonnelly11 says:

      Definitely nudge….
      I find I do things better when those physically around me are doing it too!
      I bought orange stickers to add to my March calendar…a sticker each day I write!!
      Then I’m hosting a gathering at my house on the first Friday and 31st.
      Together, we got this!!
      I stopped the notebook page…so proud of you for continuing!!


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