New Heights

My district held the Ribbon-cutting Opening of their brand new urban Secondary school on Saturday and I attended. This school houses the H-B Woodlawn 6th-12th grade program and the newly named Eunice Kennedy Shriver Program for students in APS who have special needs and is named The Heights.

I attended because architecture interests me and I wanted to see first hand what I had only seen in drawings on the county website. It was fun to walk through and especially walk around ont he outdoor terrances and take in the views of Roslyn and pier across into D.C.!

Unexpectedly, I learned about Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who the special education program is named. Her son, Dr. Timothy Shriver eloquantly spoke. he commented how his mother’s biggest fears were injustice, division, loneliness and hopelessness. How she believed everyone had gifts and how she worked tirelessly for an “inclusion revolution”. In 1962, his mother welcomed kids with disablilties to her home, a “camp”! This camp became the Special Olympics movement and because of her work, we have more equality, unity, play and faith in our world. He reminded us that “we are more powerful than our fears.” He reminded us that with this school bearing his mother’s name, we are changing the status quo. “It is good to be together.”

I left feeling proud of my school system. I’m proud we offer a program for our neediest kids. I’m proud that their school is named after such an amazing American. Click HERE to learn more about Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

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4 thoughts on “New Heights

  1. margaretsmn says:

    I was struck first by the amazing architecture. Then by the legacy of Eunice Kennedy Shriver. What an excellent addition to your community!


  2. arjeha says:

    What a unique and interesting building. It is sad how we sometimes let our fears of those who are different from us cloud our judgement of their merits and potential.


  3. franmcveigh says:

    OK . . . striking design. So the building has to have elevators for sure. And then the “weight load” for those terrace areas with trees . . . yi, yi, yi! Did the design win awards? It should! So neat to hear from Shriver’s family. It was a real blow to have Special Olympics cut out of the federal ed. budget because “those parents would support it anyway” according to DeVos. So inequitable on so many levels!


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