My Teachers

I spent from 7am to 6pm yesterday moving into my new school. Not sure why I have some much to move in and unpack ….actually, I do know why. I teach Reading 6 and therefore have tons of books!! It is also my 28th year as a teacher so I have almost 3 decades of collecting my favorite picture books and novels to share with my students. Plus, the pencils, notebooks, post-it notes, glue sticks, bulletin board boarders, anchor chart paper, whiteboard markers. Lucky for me, I’m in a much bigger classroom with lots of storage. Now, ALL 20+ boxes are emptied and the books and materials have a shelf to call home.

Today, I made these four signs to hang in the back of my room:


They will join these speech-bubble faces I’ve made over the years:

Ellin Keene  – We talk to understand

Lucy Calkins: Writing changes the world

Carl Anderson – How’s it going?

Cornelius Minor – Be a producer, not a consumer of tech

Kathleen Tolan – Build a Reading Life

Jen Serravallo – Teach students how to read at each level

Kelly Boland – Students set and meet goals using the learning progressions

As I teach, these amazing educators will “watch” me and nudge me to be the best teacher I can for my students.

Whose shoulders are YOU standing on this year?

Whose photo would YOU add to your classroom wall as a reminder?

5 thoughts on “My Teachers

  1. irishdaybreak says:

    You are such an inspiration! If I hang any educators on my wall, you will be one of them.. I think I would have Kelly Gallagher, Nancie Atwell, Maria Calderon, Jacqueline Woodson, Walter Dan Myers, and Gene Luen Yang, along with you and Cindy

    Enjoy your new class, they are so lucky to have you!!!!

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    • sallydonnelly11 says:

      I love your list of the educators YOU would (will be, maybe!) hanging in your room!!
      You are too kind to place me among them! I hope you have the best year. The Swanson kids are so lucky to have you. Enjoy the year and I hope we physically cross paths soon – until then, glad we are both bloggers!!

      Liked by 1 person

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