Revisiting my OLW – Confident

As the 2019-2020 school year begins, I took time today to reread my OLW reflectioin HERE. It’s August now. As I look back to January, I find myself being pushed by this word.

“You can do this. Just be confident,” I repeated as I pressed SEND to submit my renewal documents for National Boards.

“You can do this. Just be confident,” I moaned while peering up at the 10-story high stone Mayan ruin in front of me begging to be climbed while on vacation.

“You can do this. Just be confident,” I decided as I began using the Noom app (and smile today, 12 weeks later and 12 pounds down. But more importantly, understanding my triggers better.)

“You can do this. Just be confident,” I point out as I shopped for the ingredients for the healthy recipes I chose to create for my dinner guests.

“You can do this. Just be confident,” I whispered under my breathe as I prepared to lead Professional Development on Reading and Writing Workshop for my district’s principals and reading teachers.

“You can do this. Just be confident.” I know I will repeat these seven words to myself throughout September. I am on staff at Dorothy Hamm Middle School, the brand new Middle School in my district. So many unknowns ahead. Yet, we have Dorothy as our model. She spoke up to end the practice of segregation in her neighborhood school in 1959. I’ll be working, 60 years later, on the site of the first school in the whole state of Virginia to be integrated, walking the same halls as her child did with confidence.


My OLW – confident – is serving me well this year.
How’s it going with you?

15 thoughts on “Revisiting my OLW – Confident

  1. Terje says:

    Your word has been great so far. How wonderful that you have had the confidence to be a risk-taker in so many ways. And it has clearly been rewarding. I cheer to you!

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  2. Cathi Stallings says:

    I am a great follower of Sally’s writings, especially since I’m her sister. Every January we share our word for the year with each other. This year my word was transcendent. I set out to transcend the crap that keeps me from attaining my goals. My main goal forever has been to get up Early in the morning and work out before work, so my evenings could be free to do all the things that come up that I’d like to do. I’ve always had trouble getting up early, which has really affected me and my life in a major way. Many nights I end up needing to work very late, and have felt awful when I didn’t get to work out, as it’s an important stress reliever for me and impacts my overall mental, physical, and spiritual well being. An online club I belong to inspired me to start a “streak” by working out every day for the month of May for National Mental Health Awareness Month. I actually started in April and reached 100 days of the streak on my 61st birthday. Today is my 117th day of the streak. It feels awesome to stay consistently committed to my goal, especially when I definitely don’t feel like getting up. As the motivational author and speaker Mel Robbins says: “It doesn’t matter how you feel…what matters is what you want!” Go for it, whatever it is that You want!


  3. margaretsmn says:

    Confidence and courage are cousins, I think. The structure of this slice is nice. I also submitted renewal to National Boards. This was a struggle for me. It wasn’t confidence that was the problem; it was anger over having to do it with all the constraints. I don’t do well with meticulous details. Good luck with your new year!


  4. sallydonnelly11 says:

    Meticulous details is the perfect phrase to describe National Boards. So many directions! I get your anger. I love your first line for the alliteration and personification and family connection.
    Confidence and courage are cousins – Thanks for sharing with me today. Have a great year, too!


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