My Teaching by the numbers

It’s the last day of another school year.

I counted it up and I have taught…
…for a total of 28 years.
…Middle School for 2 years.
…Elementary School for 26 years.
…at 9 schools.
…in 4 districts.
…Pre-K for 1 year.
…Kindergarten for 6 years.
…3rd graders for 3 years.
…4th graders for 5 years.
…5th graders for 1 year.
…6th graders for 2 years.
As the classroom teacher for 18 years, I…
…guided about 600 students. (That first Kinder class would be 38 years old now!)
As Reading Specialist for 10 years, I…
…guided about 6,000 students.
…supported about 300 teachers.

Now I have packed up 26 boxes to be delivered to my 10th school.
I will use the enclosed (90% books) to teach next year,
…my 29th year.
…in my 19th classroom.
…with my 3rd year of 6th graders.

I am looking forward to the next 74 days.
Time to rest, relax, read, write and reflect before the 2019-2020 school year begin!


6 thoughts on “My Teaching by the numbers

  1. mrspalmerponders says:

    What a fun way to take stock of your teaching career! “(That first Kinder class would be 38 years old now!)” – impressive information and excellent context for your readers! Enjoy the countdown – though try not to think of it that way!


  2. Jennifer Floyd, Ed.D. says:

    I love how you reflected on your career! I also love the countdown clock to the first day of school! Too often, we hear grumbling about only having a certain number of days of vacation, but you’re looking forward to this new adventure while also recognizing that you have time to do things like reading and writing.


  3. Teachingnest87 says:

    My numbers would be much smaller after 21 years. You’ve made me consider sitting down and thinking through it all. Enjoy your 74 days. For now, I don’t want to count how many days I have left before going back.


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