Weekend of Learning

From March 13-16, I was busy learning at both VSRA and TCRWP Saturday Institute. Today I have a little extra time. I plan to review my notes and process them here in writing.

Things to remember from VSRA:

  1. Pernille Ripp – if you don’t know of her, start following her. She is an amazing teacher in Wisconsin and started the Global Read-AloudAnnual Event. She was the VSRA Opening Keynote Speaker. But she also spoke at 8am for 90 minutes about writing. BIG TAKE-AWAY – In Writing Workshop, provide CHOICE!!

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She is concerned that we tell kids about the Writing Process and show the the stages – brainstorm, draft, revise, edit, publish. However, now that she is a published author, she realizes her writing process is messy. She suggests we let kids know this. She highlighted this in her classroom by skyping wih authors (suggested using this list created by Kate Messner). She asks the authors to talk about their process. After multiple skype sessions, her students felt liberated knowing that all writers have a different writing process.

Slide highlights from Pernille’s KEYNOTE SPEECH:

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2. Highlights from Kylene Beers and Bob Probst Conference Talk

  • Increase student volume of reading
    • reading a series – studies show such readers become lifelong readers
    • providing classroom libraries with characters that match students.
      Check out: We Need Diverse Books Website
    • becoming comfortable with an author/character allows the reader to feel fluent.
  • Increase STUDENT TALK in the classroom –
    3 BIG Questions:

    • What surprised me?
    • What did the author think I already knew?
    • What changed/confirmed what I knew?

Things to remember from TCRWP:

1. Keynote by Jason Reynolds. He is the coolest! And he signed my Reading Notebook. I wrote about it here.

2. Workshop by Katy Wischow – Co-author of Investigating Characterization Unit of Study for MS I was excited to learn of this new unit. It arrived yesterday from Heinemann and I plan to try teaching it in April/May.

3. Closing KeynoteMarc BrackettEver since hearing Marc and about his Ruler, I’ve been assessing my color zones. Am I feeling yellow, green, blue, red? Why? Maybe it’s time to get more sleep, to eat, to breathe. Time to get back to yellow! Read more about it HERE

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Thank you, Cindy for teaching me how to add a slideshow to my blog!!

10 thoughts on “Weekend of Learning

  1. dianeandlynne says:

    Thank you for sharing your take-aways. Thanks, too, for the slide shows and the links! Your enthusiasm for learning is undeniable.


    • sallydonnelly11 says:

      Fran – give the slideshow a try! Pick 3 photos to add, then in the dropdown menu offering how you want to display them, SLIDESHOW is now a choice. It is super easy!! SO glad my colleague at my school showed me and now I can “show” you!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. amyjuengst says:

    So many of my favorite people in education covered here, including you! Thanks for sharing these valuable slides. They keep me in the educational lane that matters the most to my students..


  3. onathought says:

    Love these reflections! I was at the Saturday Reunion too – and I haven’t gone and reflected on all my learning. I need to! Jason’ Reynold’s talk will stay with me forever!

    I had no idea about the slideshow! I need to try that!


  4. Fran McCrackin says:

    It is amazing, all you have done this March! At least it kept giving you ideas to slice…
    I so agree about the importance of CHOICE. And showing kids that the process can be messy. And the idea of fidelity- to the student in front of you. Those are my take-always, and I thank you.


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