NF is fascinating!

“Today, read your new nonfiction chapter book, taking time to jot down what you find fascinating. I’ll set the timer. When it goes off in 35 minutes, we will take time to talk about what we find fascinating. Off you go…”

And they did go off and read, after they took the book they indicated was their choice after yesterday’s Book Tasting lesson.

In three of my classes, I took a book and did the work, too. Full disclosure: I love fiction, especially realistic and historical fiction. I currently find I spend most of my time reading the genre of fiction. However, after yesterday, I am turning the corner to embrace nonfiction.

Google It – I found it fascinating that the two grad school students at Stanford were looking for something to explore in 1996 when the world wide web was only 4 years old. Perfect timing for them to figure out a way to create a organizing system.

Lost Boy, Lost Girl – I found it fascinating how the South Sudanese Dinka culture accepts a man having many wives. It is also fascinating how hard the Dinka work to protect their cattle because raising cows and being farmers is their way of life. When given a choice between drought, flood or war, it explained how they would pick war because drought and flood hurts their farming way of life more.

A Few Red Drops – I found it fascinating that even though Chicago in 1919 did not have segregated bathrooms and buses like was occurring in the South, neighborhoods and beaches did seem to have a racial invisible line.

I’m looking forward to Monday when I can read more of all three of these books. I hope my 6th graders feel the same. Together, I hope we can both become the kind of readers who start and finish nonfiction chapter books.

7 thoughts on “NF is fascinating!

  1. Ms Victor Reads says:

    It is always fun to live the life of your students I currently doing that with our science unit and keeping just a few steps ahead. It makes you a different teacher when you have recent experience learning your content. Lucky kids that you can talk to them about the books you all are reading.


  2. Beth Sanderson says:

    I love how different the three books you chose to read are. You are setting a good example for your students. A few red drops is on my list. I also think the book tasting party is the perfect way to approach a unit like this. Please continue to share what you find fascinating 🙂


  3. wordjourneysite says:

    I am also an avid fan of fiction. But there is so much interesting narrative non-fiction out there, that I find myself drawn to it as well. (A lot of the narrative non-fiction reads like fiction, but is true!)
    Your classroom library looks so inviting – what great choices for kids.


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