Social Issue Fair


The date and the time was upon us.
Would anyone come??

At 5:45pm, they began to arrive. 6th grade ELA/Reading students and their supportive family members in toe. All were eager to see all the Social Issue Projects at the Fair! Many dropped dollar bills into handmade donation boxes. Many purchased dessert treats and jewelry and slime. All knew the money raised would be donated to a variety of causes, hand-picked by the Fair Vendors, the 107 Sailor students!

“I have a question. How do I get this money to the Cancer Society?” a student honestly asked. I assured her that a parent or me could use our credit card to make an online donation in the amount collected and then we’d keep the cash. “Oh, I get it!” and she returned to her desk with a smile on her face, knowing she was making a small difference tonight for her cause.

The Project on Display at the Fair
The only requirement was that each student pick an ISSUE, any issue of their choice. (The had spent the last month reading short stories, video clips and novels dealing with social issues). Then the issue have to be defined and ways others might help with the issue explained (all discovered through reading research). Students could choose to work alone or with others. They could choose to make a pamphlet, a poster, a podcast, a slideshow, or a student’s choice. The goal: To raise awareness and/or raise money and donate to a cause. Through CHOICE, my 6th grade readers TOOK ACTION, acted as UPSTANDERS and put on a SUPER SOCIAL ISSUE FAIR!!! I am SO SO PROUD OF ALL THESE UPSTANDERS!!

Many issues on display were related to animals: Save the giraffes, elephants, pandas, otters, sea turtles, sting-rays, all endangered animals; against animal puppy mills, against animal abuse and for animal welfare leagues.

Many related to health: Finding a cure for Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Leukemia, and Liver Cancer.

Many related to dealing with living in the world: pollution in national parks, racism, anti-semitism, global warming, violence in the Congo, cyberbullying, women’s rights, gun violence, homelessness, suicide, asthma, drugs, alcoholism, and peer pressure.

I’m inspired by my students Upstanders!!

What issues do YOU stand up for? 


7 thoughts on “Social Issue Fair

  1. Danielle says:

    I love that you had an after school fair and invited families! I’m sure that had an impact on how seriously you students took this project. They turned out so well!


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