Upstander and Taxes

As I make my Day 3 post, my mind is still on my reading students’ End of Unit Project. They will spend all next week picking an issue and choosing a way to TAKE ACTION as a way to stand up for this issue, a chance to be an Upstander. Then on March 12th, families will come to school in the evening to view and learn from our Social Issue Fair.

Yesterday was Saturday, my day to do chores. However, I unexpectedly had a snow day on Friday providing time to get the laundry washed, folded and put away. Now with extra time on hand, I grabbed the stack of envelops containing the words “Important Tax information Included” and logged into Turbo Tax.

After being guided through the Your Income and Wages section, I was prompted to add My Deductions. So I grabbed my checkbook and a pad of paper. As I reviewed checks written in 2018, I jotted down any that were donations. For example, one check was a donation to support a local theater. Another to a health organization to support Alzheimer research. Another to a local literacy organization to support the teaching of reading to adults. As I opened the calculator app on my iPhone, I realized this is all evidence of me being an Upstander.

Do your taxes show you being an Upstander, too?
Remember – taxes are due April 15th (still plenty of time).


13 thoughts on “Upstander and Taxes

  1. glenda funk says:

    Can any of the “Upstander” contributions be deducted under the new tax code? My husband and I haven’t discussed this yet as he was fixated on the fact teachers no longer get deductions for our expenses now that there’s a standard $24k deduction.


    • sallydonnelly11 says:

      Not really sure….at one time as a nation we valued donations so I am still in the habit of reflecting on my donations and I expect, it is a practice I will continue, no matter the tax implications.


  2. Terje says:

    Your contributions have gone for many good causes. I have my taxes done. In Estonia the e-system is so easy and efficient that I was done in less than a minute.

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    • sallydonnelly11 says:

      I’m jealous….I spent a good hour and still need a little more documentation before I can finish. Glad your process abroad is fast and efficient. Gives you more time to do other things like writing!!


  3. Fran McCrackin says:

    My brother recently wrote a FB post about examining your values and how well your small decisions support them. It is not easy in our complicated world. But you are so good to remind us of the small incremental ways we can live by our values. I am so glad you are continuing on your “Upstander” theme, and exploring it in so many practical ways.


  4. dianeandlynne says:

    I think that going through one’s receipts during tax time is reveling in lots of ways. We citizens show support for causes through donations of time as well as dollars. I find it eye opening to get ready for tax time. This year is especially tricky with the new tax laws.
    What your post emphasizes, too, is the fact that even when we have unexpected “free” time, we find chores to fill it up! Will you have another snow day tomorrow?


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