“Can I go to the restroom?”
The quiet, middle-schooler asked
with her cat-ear headband
poking up from each side of her curly blonde hair.
A good 15 minutes late, she returns
Headband in place and her gym uniform in place of her jeans.
I give her a reassuring nod.
Must have just gotten her period.

Another student tells me
“In May my mom’s going to have a baby!”
She’s so happy and I’m sure her mom is too.
A mom, who works three jobs now
A student who I mentor at the library on Sundays
Because she’s new to this country.
And now another on the way.

My colleague texted me
“Sad news…we are losing the baby.”
Another baby was to be due in May
Doesn’t seem fair.
Doesn’t make any sense to me.

I open my email today
“Congrats to the new arrival!”
Another colleague’s wife just gave birth
9lbs, 21 inches long.
He and his wife must be so happy.
I hope my other colleague isn’t reading email today.

I take all this in
All these women
Then reflect on the miracle allowing me
to bring my own two into the world
And remove my sweater, pushing through my hotflash.




11 thoughts on “Women

  1. mgminer says:

    Interesting how the words misery, miracle, mystery, messy, came to mind as I read your poem. As Jane said at age 4: “Being a woman is hard these days.” I love how your poem honors so many phases of a woman’s life.

    Liked by 1 person

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