Traveling to CA

I tagged along with my husband who was attending a conference in CA.

I saw seals and sea lions in La Jolla:

I enjoyed a day and evening at Huntington Beach in Orange County, CA:

But my favorite part of the trip was watching the sun set on axis with the Salk Institute’s water feature on the first day of Fall.

Lots of nature time.
Lots of outside time.
And a magical time, thanks to the architecture genius of Louis Kahn.


6 thoughts on “Traveling to CA

  1. BornToGuide says:

    Such a very beautiful tourism destination California is. Thanks for sharing your inspiring hard work with us. I hope you will like my newly started blog about Travel Food & Technology. Plz visit & follow. Thanks.

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  2. barbara suter says:

    California is truly a magical place! I lived there for three years in my early twenties and had the best time of life. I truly bonded with nature during that period and it has never left me. My daughter lived there for seven years while attending school at UC Santa Cruz. She has been deeply affected in a positive way be her experience there. How lucky you were to be able to observe the autumn solstice
    in such a unique place. Where was that picture taken? I am soooooooo jealous 🙂

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