Outside my window!

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 3.29.12 PMWhen I was young, I learned that Spring is the time for new, especially babies. Baby chicks hatch.Tadpoles and pollywogs transform. Butterflies emerge from their chrysalis. Puppy and kitten litters snuggle close to their mom. Daddy penguins take care of their cub, while furry bear cubs follow their mom, looking for berries. I know all this to be true but I”ll admit, I personally have never seen such baby animals enjoying their new world. I’ve read about baby animals. I’ve seen TV shows and movies. But I have never witnessed Springtime baby animals.

That is, not until last Sunday. In the afternoon, I was sitting at my desk in the spare room on the 2nd floor of my house. I glanced to the right and saw movement on the old oak tree truck. First, it just looked like a squirrel scurrying around on the bark. Then I noticed two tails. I looked more closely and noticed a big difference – their sizes. Quickly, I grabbed my iPhone and snapped a few photos. I like this posted photo the best because I love how the baby has her (or his) arm (or paw) on its parent. It clearly shows that one squirrel is the mom (or dad) and the other is the baby.

I imagined that an hour ago, the squirrels were up in their dray in another tree and the Mommy Squirrel (I’m going to call her Scamper) had this conversation with her baby girl (I’m going to call her Dart).

“Dart, you are ready for a new adventure. Today is the day for me to show you how to climb up and down another tree.”

“Another tree? I like this tree. Just show me here.” Dart said.

“I like our tree, too. But our tree will soon be out of nuts. We need to explore beyond our home. Come, follow me, Dart. Today we are going to climb a different tree. That tall one over there,” Scamper said.

“But we can come back home afterwards, right?” Dart asked.

“Yes, we can.” Scamper replied gentle. “Now follow me.”

Scamper heading down the tree, their tree with Dart following closely. Yet inside, she knew something. As they headed off, Scamper realized today would change everything. Not longer would Dart need her to help feed her. No longer would Dart need to be snuggled inside the dray. As soon as Dart realized she was able to climb beyond the limbs surrounding their dray, she would continue to explore. She would soon be off. Off and running all day long. Soon she would even be preparing for her own off-spring. Scamper pushed these thoughts out of her mind and remembered the goal of today. Leaving home and exploring, while practicing climbing skills.

“Stay close. Watch. Do what I do,” Scamper commanded. Off they went. Dart following her mom closely.

3 thoughts on “Outside my window!

  1. margaretsmn says:

    Your imaginative conversation could become a children’s book. I have squirrels but I’ve never seen babies. Surely they are there. Watching nature blossom in spring inspires.

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  2. barbara suter says:

    My daughter who loves all animals large and small, had a squirrel in a tree adjacent to her garden who drove her crazy because it kept digging and planting acorns in her garden. This year, my daughter realized there were two babies and she had lots of moments of pure joy watching the babies come and go. We have also enjoyed observing the eagles nest in our community which has spawned two babies who are now in the process of leaving the nest. This has drawn the whole community together as people stop by, at all times of the day, just “to see how the eagles are doing.” Isn’t it amazing how easily we can be satisfied by the simple, non-material pleasures of life? I think we are all so burned out by politics, that we are seizing on the pleasures of nature to survive.


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