Slicers Celebrate

I look down at my white salad-size plate. I see:
– an orange slice
– a wedge of brie next to crackers and salami slices
– a slice of perfectly ripe cantaloupe
– a twizzler (not red in color but cream-sickle in color and flavor)
– a slice of homemade bundt cake
– a wrapped lindt orange chocolate truffle candy
– a slice of pepperoni pizza.
In my hand is a champaign glass filled with a bright orange mimosa.

The common thread of this unusual happy hour menu?
Orange in color or comes as a slice!

Sitting around me are the writers of the following blogs:

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 12.24.21 PM


Leah and Michelle were with us in spirit but couldn’t attend the Happy Hour Party.)

We all sit in my living room on a Thursday after school to celebrate! Why? Because during the month of March, we all wrote a daily slice of life on our blog. Then we posted it to the twowritingteachers’ blog as part of their March Writing Challenge. We also read at least 3 other daily posts and added a comment. And we especially enjoyed receiving comments from other slicers.

For the next hour or so, we munch on our unusual snacks, introduce ourselves to each other and share more about our lives. As host, I know everyone. Four people I work with at my middle school. Two people I meet with monthly as a writing club. Two people I met in 2003 when I started working at their school and have remained strong friends with them for now 15 years. Today, they all gathered in person at my house!

As I make introductions, they ask each other “What’s your blog title?” as that name is more familiar. “I really liked that story you wrote about….” is heard once we connect the person in front of us to their writing identity. Our group is 7 women and one male. Some are middle school classroom teachers. One is an elementary school science teacher. One is retired. Two are reading specialist. One is a librarian. A few are career switchers. Others have always been teachers. A few are mothers and a few are grandmothers.  Though we are so varied, the common thread is we are writers.

We write stories. We share them in a space where we trust our audience to accept our humble attempts. For a month, we craft personal narratives based on the happenings of the day or a flashback to our childhood. Sometimes, we use a poem structure. Sometimes, we include photos. Always, we get a boost when a comment is added. Having an audience for a month, keeps us motivated. Spending time writing daily strengthens our writing muscle.

Sometimes, it was fun. Sometimes, it weighed us down. Always we pondered, What to write?  Sometimes, an idea came quickly. Sometimes, it was a gem. Sometimes, it was more of a draft. Sometimes, we’d rather just throw it away. But no matter what, we posted and then started thinking about the next day’s writing.

I think this is what it must feels like for professional writers, too.

Thank you and CHEERS to Betsy, Beth, Deb, Kathleen, Lanny, Melanie, and Stacey for this daily forum each March.                                                                                                     slice of life 2016

Check out the writers, readers and teachers here.


12 thoughts on “Slicers Celebrate

  1. Beth Sanderson says:

    I am so honored to be included in your circle. What a fun afternoon we had at our house. Writing brings together people from all walks of life. We connect when words written on paper (or the screen) are etched into someone else’s heart or head. Thank you for being our group’s center 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. amyjuengst says:

    I echo Beth’s appreciation to be included in your writing circle. Your enthusiasm and daily sticker reinforcement, kept me going. Thank you to everyone for your support and serving as my writing mentors.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mschiubookawrites says:

    So excited to be part of a writing group again! This I have missed. Thank you Sally for not only the orange sticker chart that served as a tangible reminder to write, but also for spearheading a celebration for us all to meet off line and face to face. These human connections and feedback bring out the best teacher-writer in us all. Great recap!


  4. mbhmaine says:

    How wonderful of you to extend the magic of the March challenge with a get together. I can only imagine the energy in the air as you all gathered “in real life.” This slice made my heart happy. 🙂 I love reading about writers connecting and celebrating together.


  5. Ms Victor Reads says:

    I love that you brought together this community- I totally should have done this with my colleagues who sliced! You are definitely a community builder. I hope I can inspire a few people at my new school to join me in a writing group.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Alice Nine says:

    How wonderful that you could celebrate SOLSC18 in person with other slicers! It’s a great idea. I can only imagine the excitement in that room… so much to talk about, so much to share. I agree with your closing line, “I think this is what it must feels like for professional writers, too.”


  7. Amanda Potts says:

    You are the second group of slicers I’ve heard of – it sounds like a wonderful gathering & your enthusiasm inspires me to invite colleagues from my physical space into my online world. Bet it was a wonderful evening!


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