My Writing Life


My  writing life has some routines. I only buy purses that are big enough to hold a moleskin notebook. It also has to have room for a variety of pens and colorful felt-tipped markers. Most Saturday mornings I spend a few hours at a Starbucks, typing on one of my blogs and/or writing lists and reflections in my notebook. The month of March and the summer months are when I “work” on my writing. Daily on the TwoWritingTeachers blog, I share a small moment story in March as part of their Writing Challenge. In the summer, friends and I meet up regularly to write, share and offer feedback. Both allow me to strengthen my writing muscle.

I tend to write mostly about my life in the classroom. Often it reads like a how-to for another teacher to try.  Other topics include my daughters and traveling. I also write non-fiction pieces explaining highlights from conferences I attended because writing helps me process what I learned. Also my notes then can easily be shared with other colleagues. Sometimes I try writing poetry but only by following a specific poetry format.

Currently, I teach 6th grade Reading so most of the writing I share with students is writing about reading. I do miss being a writing teacher and guiding students to write in a variety of genres. I’m still proud of the adapted fairytale and my All About UVA book I wrote a few years ago as a 3rd grade teacher. But for now,  I tutor a few students after school with their writing and that satisfies the writing teacher in me.


9 thoughts on “My Writing Life

  1. Ms Victor Reads says:

    Your writing life is rich and varied. I still do not make enough time for regular writing (except in March). I am hesitant to try out new kinds of writing- sticking to narrative or reflection most of the time. I really want to join a writing group so that I commit more to writing.


  2. lynnedorfman says:

    I enjoyed reading about your writing life. Notebooks have to be just right, don’t they! I, too, like to purchase notebooks I can fit into my pocketbook (which is usually on the small side to begin with!). It is great to find other places to write in, and for me, I use my front porch, Panera Bread, and Longwood Gardens – but not on a regular basis that could be considered a routine. When I became half-day reading specialist and half-day literacy coach, I missed my writing coach position where kids were writing anything and everything, and I could be part of almost 40 different writing communities.

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  3. wordjourneysite says:

    Though you are not teaching writing this year, I’m sure you are hitting on writing in reading class. I saw some of the journal writing you were having kids do, where they were processing their reading through writing and sketching. That was one of the important points you made in your slice today – the power of writing to help us process.
    I loved the line about buying purses just big enough to carry your moleskin and pens. What purse will you take to France?


  4. Elisabeth Ellington says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who buys purses based on whether they’re big enough to hold my notebook! I really enjoyed reading this post. I love reading about other writers’ processes. It’s so special that you have friends to write with during the summer months. I wish that I could be as dedicated to my writing life through much of the year as I am in March!


  5. mschiubookawrites says:

    Who says you are not a writing teacher, because you most certainly are! Through modeling and feedback, you have been my writing mentor and reminder to write daily to strengthen my “writing muscle.” I love how you described your routines, down to the purse size!


  6. franmccrackin says:

    I appreciate this clear-eyed reflection. Like the photo of purse and computer, you delineate your way of working. I think by realizing what we do, then we can stretch to other things. Like maybe more poetry formats! Having to teach adapted fairytales made you write something you are proud of- why not try other crazy ideas! Now I am definitely talking to myself.


  7. amyjuengst says:

    If it makes you feel more fulfilled, you are currently serving as my writing teacher-mentor. Your joy and enthusiasm of daily writing is the only reason I have agreed to meet the March SOL challenge. You rock! Thanks you!! (Oh, and I also love the content learning that happens when I read your posts!)


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