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I started my first blog back on July 13, 2011. At that time I began reading the blogs of  Staff Developers at TCRWP and thought if they could do it, so could I. I posted a total of 11 posts from July to December that year. I included writing related to my own reading and tips on teaching reading and writing. I included photos and hyperlinks. I added widgets to allow people to follow me, show blogs I follow and archive my posts. I used blogspot and was pretty proud of myself.

Now in 2018, I feel I have evolved as a blogger. I owe that in large part to the community I found here at TheTwoWriting Teachers. In March, 2014 I started a new blog to host my first ever Slice of Life posts. My first blog stayed as the blog where I post my learning at TCRWP and other PD related to Reading and Writing. This new blog’s purpose was to hold only the stories I can tell which became my blog’s title. It held my small moment slices and it served me well all of 2014. That first year, after writing for 31 days, I was done. I went back to occasionally adding to my other blog. I returned to my SOL blog in 2015 by adding my OLW thoughts and then March, 2015 another 31 days!

After year two, I felt comfortable enough as a writer to add a Tuesday Slice to my routine during the months not called March and I started adding 4ish slices during these months. And then daily in March. I followed this pattern through 2016.

Then I started noticing people “liking” my posts and I wanted to be able to “like” them back. By then, my daughter, Anne, was blogging (her insightful posts can be found HERE) and she helped me start a new blog using wordpress. WordPress allows me to easily like others. It allows me to easily reply to comments. I liked wordpress so much that since, then, I’ve started a blog to hold onto my thinking about teaching Middle School and another blog I use with a group of teachers doing Teacher Research. 

However, this weekend I wanted to be the kind of blogger who uses “tags”. I’ve seen this on other’s blog pages like this one on Fran McVeigh’s:

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 1.51.14 PM

One problem, my go-to tech support (AKA my daughter, Anne) is living and working in France until May. And I wanted to do this NOW. So I searched google “How to tag in a wordpress blog” and it indicated that there were only 8 million links to help me. When I clicked on VIDEO, now only 6 million links were available! So I picked one and watched. It indicated that this box can appear as I am drafting my post if I click on the wheel on the top right corner.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 2.04.51 PM

Without clicking on the wheel, which was something I had never done before, my screen simply looked like this:

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 2.04.32 PM

Suddenly, I got it!! I went to my dashboard and clicked on BLOG POSTS and saw this total:

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 2.08.26 PMYikes…that meant I could revisit each of the 274 posts, click on the wheel and add a tag or two or three. I started with enthusiasm. Soon, my stomach was grumbling and I took a lunch break. Then I pushed on. I wanted to be a blogger who tagged and it only felt right if I tagged all that went before and then started tagging each in the making of a post going forward. After a dinner break, I finally finished! Now this can be seen on my blog:

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 2.12.44 PM

Before I publish, let me just add the tags for this post. What is it mostly about? I’m tagging it like this: tech, SOL, Blogs, friends, Anne.  

 I can’t wait for Fran to see this tomorrow when I post it as my SOL #5!

Are you a blogger who tags? Are you a blogger who uses another feature? Please share!

PS: I also discovered I can publish this right now to be scheduled to actually be published tomorrow…so sneaky!!

PSS: I still want to be the kind of slicer who includes the orange slice and how I’m blogging as part of the challenge. Maybe I’ll figure out how to add that next weekend!

21 thoughts on “Now I Tag

  1. dianeandlynne says:

    Yikes! I’m a writer who posts a blog every now and then: daily in March. I don’t know how to do any of the stuff you are talking about here. But you inspire me. Now all I have to do is google and watch a thousand (or one) video(s)? Doesn’t hurt to try.


  2. anita ferreri says:

    My story mirrors yours in many ways. I do “tag” in Blogger SOL posts but have not fully understood the process. Your post inspired me to tag. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. franmcveigh says:

    What fun to be your inspiration! And now, you can also easily sort by those very same tags. That organizational feature is why I LOVE tags although they are not always visible on every device! YAY! You! for figuring it our! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ms Victor Reads says:

    You embody lifelong learning. I have my students tag (label in Blogger) their posts, but so far have not done it for myself, although I know how. Interesting to see the font size change when you use a tag more. I admire you writing on multiple blogs- not sure I will ever get to that!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. paulabourque says:

    I love it! The more we do this, the more we learn, the more features we like! Sometimes I forget to tag a post. Nice reminder of how valuable it can be! I love how the most frequent tags are larger, just like word clouds.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Elisabeth Ellington says:

    I am the lamest tagger ever. By the time I finish a post, I might throw one or two tags on it that are so vague it doesn’t help me go back and find posts on that topic at all. Adding the orange slice is super easy, so I definitely recommend it for your next WordPress discovery! I also blog using WordPress and like the platform quite a bit. I love that you include a how-to within your post. I bet some of your readers will be inspired to start tagging!


  7. Connie Lindsey says:

    Thank you, thank you!! I just now added the Like feature to my blog comments. I’ve tried to find a way to do it before, but knowing the right search term for the plug-in was the key. I always reminded my students that there wasn’t anything they couldn’t learn as long as they knew the right questions to ask. 🙂


  8. Anne Donnelly says:

    Not only can you use tags to help people find your posts on your own blog, but you can also search all of the wordpress for certain tags to see what other people are writing about similar topics! For example, you could search the tag “Marseille” and see all the recent posts of people writing or posting photos of the city (as long as THEY tagged their post, of course!) !!


    • Sally Donnelly says:

      Who knew???!!! I can’t wait to try that!! So glad you switched me to WordPress! See you SOON!!! IN PERSON!!!! IN FRANCE!!!!!


  9. franmccrackin says:

    Very timely as I have been wanting to start tagging! You saved me from confronting the thousands of helpful posts and I will just use yours 🙂
    My favorite line? “those months not called March.”
    And, so quiet but embedded in this piece- HOW MUCH YOU HAVE WRITTEN!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. amyjuengst says:

    Glad you are tagging! A new skill many of us still must master. I use Kidblog with my students and I have, at times, required them to create various tags for their blog posts. Tagging is ripe for “big ideas” and “topics” lessons.


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