Scratchy, the squirrel


Such a pretty afternoon. The sun was shining, the temperature had reached an unseasonably 70 degrees for the end of February and it sure had a feeling that maybe spring really was on the way. It was too pretty of a day to stay at my school, in my windowless classroom and input grades into the electronic grade book and post the 3rd quarter interim grades. So I walked home, sat at my dining room table and worked. I love my dining room because the one long wall overlooks the backyard and is all windows. If I had to sit and do mindless data entry, at least I could do it is a comfortable space.

As I typed away on my MacBook Air, I heard it. “Scratch. Scratch.” I looked up and out and scanned the backyard. I heard it again and noticed something moving on the large oak tree out back. It was grey and had a bushy tail – a squirrel. What was he carrying? It looked like a large leaf in its mouth. The scratching sound was its feet as it climbed up and around the trunk. I kept my eyes on this squirrel and saw him pause as he reached the halfway point of the trunk. Then he disappeared into what looked more like a leathery, brown balloon stuck to the side of the tree trunk. The he reappeared, without the leaf in his mouth. Scratch, scratch. He scampered down the tree, onto the grass and hopped across my backyard and into my neighbors yard.

Five minutes later, he (or maybe a she) was back. Again with a leaf in his mouth. Again, climbing up the oak tree. Again making a scratching sound as he climbed to the to that leafy brown balloon-shaped spot. Again he disappeared and reappeared.

I guess this is how a squirrel makes a home, his drey. I think I’ll call my construction working squirrel, Scratchy.

What creatures have YOU enjoyed watching lately?

PS: I didn’t film my squirrel but this person did!


10 thoughts on “Scratchy, the squirrel

  1. vanessaw2007 says:

    I get teased about my fascination with watching wildlife. I especially love to watch birds. Scratchy sounds like a character I’d love to watch. Love your descriptions of the weather, your mundane end of quarter tasks and the small visitor in your oak tree. I wonder if there will be some baby squirrels in your future.


  2. Beth Sanderson says:

    I love the detail. I can picture the squirrel out the lovely windows of your home. Your house is built for watching nature. How fortunate the squirrel chose your large oak for an afternoon of work.


  3. Amy Rudd says:

    The squirrels were kind of crazy this week-not so much today as it rained all day but we had a dry 3 days and they were very active. We usually see deer, squirrels and we even saw three rabbits in the front yard on Wednesday. I feel so blessed to watch their work…squirrels are sneaky little creatures aren’t they?

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  4. franmccrackin says:

    Thank you for a reminder to look out the window! I love the details and descriptions as you are trying to figure out what you are actually seeing. And so smart to give your squirrel a name.
    You also remind us what a slice of life is about- just that. Capturing a moment.
    Glad to be reading you daily again 🙂

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  5. Catherine Flynn says:

    What a great slice, Sally! Your description of your sunny dining room and that busy squirrel made me feel like I was sitting there with you. Loved the video, too! Not sure I’m going to make it TC on Saturday. I’ll keep you posted.

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  6. mgminer says:

    When I was at a stoplight recently, I turned my head and saw a squirrel bury something in the grass. I was surprised at how fast his little paws worked. They moved so fast it was blurry. I wondered why I had never noticed that before.
    PS I love your dining room table too! What a great writing spot!

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