2018 OLW

As I reflected last week on my 2017 OLW (routine), one of my commenters (which I value so much) wrote “They speak to me and say live actively, be present.” (Thanks MaryAnnRiley). So I began thinking that ACTIVE, ACTION, or PRESENT could become my 2018 OLW.

I always like to look up my word in the dictionary and thesaurus.

Synonyms of action – act, deed, doing, feat
Words Related to action – accomplishment, achievement, attainment, experience, initiative, undertaking, performance, dealing, move, procedure, proceeding, step

Synonyms of active – alive, functional, going, living, working
Words Related to active – effective, employable, usable, viable, workable, performing, serving, busy, dynamic, flourishing, humming, roaring, thriving

Synonyms of present – current, immediate, instant, on-going, present-day
Words Related to present – contemporary, modern, new, newfangled, recent, breathing, existent, living

I am also inspired by a quote said by Cornelius Minor (awesome TCRWP Staff Developer): “We are not who we profess to be. We are how we spend our time.”

Reflecting on this:
I don’t want to just say, “I like art” but I want to spend the afternoon at an art gallery.

I don’t want to just say, “I like to read” but I want to join or start a book club and read and discuss in the company of others. And have a stack of books ready to read next and the pile of all I have read, just as high. And my thinking recorded in my Reading Notebook.

I don’t want to just say, “I want my health numbers to be better” but I want to daily eat and exercise so my numbers naturally get better.

I don’t want to just say, “I see there is a new restaurant/museum exhibit/play in town” but I want to regularly go to “it”.

And I don’t want to become what the antonyms for these words suggest:
Antonyms of action – inactivity, passivity, hesitation, reluctance, laziness, lethargy
Antonyms of active – asleep, dormant, lifeless, inert, dull, idle, inactive
Antonyms of present – absent, away, missing out

Now with just 12 hours to go in 2017, I should pick my word…

In the spirit of focusing on how I will spend my time, my 2018 OLW will be….

I will be active in my personal life – actively eat well and exercise often and I won’t just SAY it, I’ll DO it! I’ll keep walking to school daily. I will look into an exercise or yoga class and join it!

I will be active in my teacher life – actively DO all that I teach my students to do and reflect on it often in the new club I am forming called the Reflect Often, Then Act Teacher Research Club #ROTATRClub 

I will be active in my writing life – actively meet monthly with my writing club, actively reflect on my MSblog each Sat and actively posting a SOL each Tuesday and every day in March.

I will be active in my reading life – actively find and join a book club (how crazy that I am a Reading 6 Middle School teacher but I am not part of a book club right now!) and I will actively add my thinking to my Reading Notebook after each book read.

I will be active in exploring my world – over Spring Break, I’ll do this by visiting my daughter in France – each month my husband and I want to  will explore a new restaurant for dinner, something we can easily do because we are empty-nesters – I will take advantage of living in Arlington, just across the river from D.C. which offers so many cultural experiences, most for free!

Tomorrow starts 365 days of an ACTIVE life for me because I believe I am HOW I spend my time. I am an active writer, an active reader, and an active explorer.

Can’t wait to see where this takes me!

What is your OLW?
How did it find you?
Where will it take you?

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