Prior to that…

I am teaching Reading 6 this year
in a middle school in Arlington, VA,
my first middle school experience.

Prior to that I taught 3rd grade
at a brand new elementary school in Arlington, VA.
The year that the school opened and then one more.

Prior to that I taught 5th grade writing
at an amazing elementary school in NW Washington
a DC Public School in a lovely upper-class neighborhood.

Prior to that I taught 4th grade,
returning to the FCPS ES where I 1st taught in FCPS
I was tired of teaching teachers and wanted to teach kids again.

Prior to that I was a FCPS Reading Specialist
2 yrs at Churchill Road, 7 years at Stenwood and 2 years at Westgate
Got to help teachers teach using Reading and Writing Workshop well.
Also spent 2 years documenting my work and earning my National Boards
Also started to regularly learn at TCRWP  sharing all I learned with my co-workers.

Prior to that I taught 4th grade
in FCPS, my first time working in a public school.
I also went to night school at GMU
and earned my Masters in Curriculum & Instruction
with a Reading Specialist endorsement.

Prior to that I taught K, 3, and 4th
at a Catholic School in Arlington.
I brought my girls to work with me
and together we all learned.

Prior to that I had 2 girls
worked odd jobs and daycare jobs,
jobs I could do more easily with kids.

Prior to that I taught Kindergarten
at a different Catholic school
the summer after the first year, I got married.
the Fall after the 2nd year, I had my first daughter.

Prior to that, I graduated with a BS in Education
from the University of Virginia
Curry School of Education.
Go Hoo’s!!

Prior to that, I spent 2 years at the University of Richmond.
Go Spiders!
I spent 4 years at O’Connell High School
I spent 8 years at St. James Elementary School.
I spent 5 years playing at home, especially in my backyard playhouse.

Prior to that, I was born on October 11, 1963.

Making this list makes me realize how I am ready for tomorrow!
I happily am standing on the shoulders of so many great educators
who taught me so much and I have tons to share with my 6th grade Sailors.

Where are YOU in your teaching career?!!

NOTE: I got the idea to write this list poem while sitting in my New Teacher Orientation meeting a week ago. One of the APs introduced herself using this pattern- “Prior to that….Prior to that….” Today I recalled that structure and made this list poem.

Afterwards, my daughter suggested that I listen to the September 1, 2017 This American Life podcast called Private Geography. The summary of it states: Everyone walks around on their own private map of the world. The places we’re from and how they made us, whether we like it or not. The podcast connects to this idea that we are who and what we did before. Do you agree??

7 thoughts on “Prior to that…

  1. mgminer says:

    Hi Sally! I hope you had a GREAT first day! I’m happy to have known you through many of these prior years! I traveled to NC over the weekend to see Jill and Maggie–my Jill is 25, and soon, Danny will be 40! There’s a lot of “prior to that” I need to write down!

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