Writing Publicly

I attended a workshop and on my blog I jotted my thoughts about it. My writing did include lots of tips and things shared by the presenter. I then posted it publicly and was asked to not do so by the presenter’s organization. I get that it is her info and not for me to share. I removed it from twitter and facebook.

Last year I wrote about something I did at my school and a national organization asked me to be a guest blogger and share what I did. Once it was shared publicly,  I received an email asking that I either join (by paying a fee) their National Group to have the right to use the name I was using or change the name of what I was writing about. I changed the name.

Both these incidents took the wind out of my writing sails. Maybe it is that Catholic upbringing but both times I felt so guilty for writing and sharing what I hadn’t really realized wasn’t mind to share.

Writing is tricky. I use it to process my thinking. I use it to share something fun I learned or tried as a teacher. I write on my blog and then share freely. I don’t believe in the concept of Teachers Pay Teachers. If something could help a kid, I want the adult supporting that kid to know it. I share.

In the past, I’d share through talking. I’d meet up with friends at a coffee shop and chat for hours. Now I have discovered blogging and I share my thinking using my blog. It is easier and more efficient for me to share my blog with my teacher friends. It is an easy way for me to keep all my notes in one place and then I can search to find a certain topic.

But I feel like I need to take a class on the legal implications of blogging. I honestly do not know enough about it. I also am a dutiful person. I want to do the right thing. I don’t want to share ideas that aren’t legally mine to share. It feels very blurry in my mind. Maybe more blurry today just because it is pouring rain.

Please share with me any tips you know of about correctly blogging publicly?
All tips are appreciated as I don’t want to keep being asked to change my writing?

Once I learn, then I’ll feel better equipped to encourage my upcoming 6th graders to write and share publicly, too.


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