OLW update

When I read Beth’s blog yesterday about her reflection on her OLW, I at first couldn’t even recall my word. Lately, I’ve struggled with my remembering. So much is happening and  I feel I’m on overload and I can’t think clearly. This year more than most, I really need summer vacation. However, when I put OLW in my blog’s search box, I was led HERE and quickly remembered – ROUTINE is my word! As I start to reflect, I actually feel pretty good about how this word is working in my life, despite that fact that I am not consciously remembering it!

I was hoping to have a READING ROUTINE – I definitely have read more since January 1st. Yet, the idea of posting to a padlet didn’t last more than a few days?? Not sure why it is hard for me to physically log books? However, I do have a plan. In August Katherine Paterson will be speaking at the TCRWP August Writing Institute and I got in!! So I started reading her books. She has many and by August, I plan to have them read! I even have a notebook to scrapbook my thinking around her books, something I can share with my students. I like having this goal.


Also our staff book club read 2 books so far and have 2 more to go, so that is 4 more books. (Maybe I’ll go back and add to my padlet!!)

I was hoping to have an EXERCISE ROUTINE: This is actually happening but not because I wrote about it on January 1st. My husband has planned a great 2-week vacation to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico in July to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary. So 3 weeks ago, I joined a gym and my routine is Sat, Weds and sometimes a third day. It’s a start. Nothing like swimsuit season to kick me into an exercise routine!!

I was hoping to have a HEALTHY EATING ROUTINE: Again, my husband has helped with this. My girls got him a Nutribullet for Father’s Day a year ago. At first it just sat on the counter. It was his gift so I just left it alone. During Christmas break, he read up on it, found recipes, and started using it. Now he has a routine – he shops for his ingredients, he chops and prepared the container the night before. And each morning I have a healthy smoothie, thanks to his routine! My oldest daughter is helping too. She is hanging with us for a few months and she started having Blue Apron delivered. She cooks 2 times a week using the recipe and ingredients that arrive in her Wednesday delivery. Saturday night she prepared the best fish dish with rice and kale. Yummy and healthy and all I did was set the table! Thanks to those I live with, I am eating healthy.

Despite the fact that I had to search to recall my word, I think I’m doing OK!
Do you recall your word?
How is it going for you?


10 thoughts on “OLW update

  1. dogtrax says:

    Ahh .. my word … it is filter and I am still working on finding the right ways to filter out the mess of the world and the negative rhetoric while remaining open to all points of view … thanks for reminding me (after you were reminded yourself) to remember the word.


  2. franmcveigh says:

    Love your word, routine, and thanks for the reminder about Katherine Paterson in August. I struggle mightily with recording books I’ve read so I appreciate knowing that I’m not the only one!



  3. cmargocs says:

    I had to go look my word up, too–it’s “Transform”. I’m woefully behind in transforming my home, body, and habits….but your post has inspired me to renew those efforts. Thank you!


  4. Michelle Haseltine says:

    Sally, Love reading about your routines! A bullet journal could help with tracking these routines if you’re interested. Lots of resources on Pinterest. I agree with logging books. It’s a struggle I share. Interesting that you’ve picked up the routine when you may meet the author…audience!!!


  5. rosecappelli says:

    What a wonderful summer you have planned! I also struggle with recording books read, but since Michelle suggested a bullet journal I may try adding a section for books to mine. Although it may have been hiding, it sounds like you OLW has been working all along.


  6. Julieanne Harmatz says:

    Routine is the antidote to that memory crazy thing. This time of year tends to mess with our routines too. I think it’s so interesting that you have a hard time logging what you read. Me too. Makes me wonder about it. I also wonder does keeping track of how we are doing be it eating, exercise or reading make us better at it? Perhaps when we are trying to make it a routine, recording our progress matters…. Thanks for your reflection. It pushed me to do the same.


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