A Quick Hello

I received a short email yesterday from a former colleague; former because two years ago we were on the same team and then I left and she stayed.

The header – a Quick Hello

Then 3 lines apologizing for being too busy to converse more.

Then this ending: I hope you and your 3rd graders are thriving 🙂 A little inspiration for your day: with this link to a video.

Though quick, my friend’s email brightened my day and her shared link jumpstarted a powerful discussion in my classroom. Friends still, across years and physical distance, sharing a link she knew I’d like. That’s what friends do!

I hope YOU take 3 minutes to watch the video.

12 thoughts on “A Quick Hello

  1. paulabourque says:

    Helping kids fall in love with problem solving!! Thanks for sharing an inspiring video as I head out the door to teach today! You can let your colleague know her circle of influence is expanding!


  2. msosterman49 says:

    Thanks for such a positive gesture ! Sharing is such a powerful tool. I am always surprised how much can be learned by a kind share. What I admire is when something is shared the receiver returns the gift by giving it to others. As I said, Thank you for sharing today!


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