My Night Routine

A decade ago, you’d find me regularly watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart each evening and then heading to bed. Then the following morning I’d awake at 5:30am as I was first in the bathroom, then my husband and then my girls. Having 4 adults in our then one bathroom house demanded this schedule. Somehow these six hours of sleep were all I needed.

At this time, I was the reading specialist at a school and I shared an office with the speech teacher. Some mornings I’d mention something funny I heard Jon Stewart say the evening before. She’d laugh along with me and then comment that she didn’t know how I did it, staying up so late.  “I’m in bed by 9pm,” she exclaimed. “By 9pm?” This seemed so early I thought.

However, maybe not so early anymore. Yesterday was a typical Monday. My alarm went off at 5:55am. Only 3 adults are under the roof and the current house has two and a half baths! I got up, ate and headed to school. I worked until 6pm, headed home and had just enough energy to cook dinner, retrieve my husband from the Metro, eat dinner, watch 30 minutes of the news, and wash the dishes before heading to bed. While relaxing under the covers, I read on my kindle for about 30  minutes. Before turning out the light, I glance at the clock. 9:25pm!

I don’t work with my speech teacher friend anymore but I think I’ll give her a call this weekend. When I tell her why I am thinking of her, I think it will make her laugh. 

6 thoughts on “My Night Routine

  1. Ms Victor Reads says:

    I am up by 5:15, so aim for bed at 9- sometimes it works. My nighttime routine includes preparing oatmeal in a jar for the morning and packing my lunch. I never watch TV, although I have been watching Downton Abbey on my computer lately.


  2. johnrereads says:

    What did you do with all that extra time when you stayed up late?
    Would you now call yourself a morning person?
    What time of day are you most productive? awake?

    I sometimes stay up too late
    I think it use to be the kid in me
    who use to think he was going to miss something
    the adult in me now just laughs at that kid


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