Quiet Time

If you ask my students their favorite time of the day, they typically will say recess. Who doesn’t love a time of freedom to roam and play outside.

This year, my favorite time is the 15 minutes right after recess and lunch. On my agenda, it reads Quiet Time. Following the suggestion of Responsive Classroom, when we return from recess and lunch, it is a time to just be quiet and settle ourselves. To rest, relax and be ready for our busy afternoon. Kids can read, draw, even use their iPads. They just can’t talk. More and more, I realize I need this time, some quiet. I use it to write the afternoon agenda on the board and to ensure I have all I need for Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop. And I talk to no one. It’s from 12:45-1pm and my next break isn’t until the kids leave at 3:41pm. I have a long afternoon ahead of me these few minutes of quiet is a gift I do not squander!

Process: I really had nothing to write about…I saw on my padlet an idea from Kate Messner’s book, 59 Reasons to Write on pg. 101 – Describe my nighttime routine.
Then I saw this image on facebook:


and I do LOVE having quiet time at the copier and I saw an article called The Busier You Are the More You Need Quiet Time on twitter . It felt like I had my topic. However, with that in mind, I ended up focused on quiet and not my nighttime routine and that took me to my favorite part of my school day and I wrote that…I love how when I write, even when I have ideas, I still am surprised at what appears on the page (screen)! I guess tomorrow will be more about my nighttime routine!

8 thoughts on “Quiet Time

  1. franmccrackin says:

    Only a teacher can get that much satisfaction and meaning out of 15 minutes of their work day! (And I just love the meme.) I also totally get it. Aren’t you glad you have that routine? Are your students calmed afterwards?


  2. paulabourque says:

    It is posts like this that continue to inspire me. The need for calm and the appreciation for what it can offer us is a reminder I can use often. And if it is good for us, imagine how it helps the kids!


  3. msosterman49 says:

    I love how when I write, even when I have ideas, I still am surprised at what appears on the page (screen)!

    This was such a strong statement to use at the close!! I connected with the concept of surprise in your writing. Thank you for making my day!


  4. readingtothecore says:

    When I was a classroom teacher, the time right after lunch was sacred time for our read aloud. Even though it wasn’t quiet, it did settle the kids and allow them to transition back to our classroom routines. I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know it was my favorite part of the day! As you say, quiet time is so important. Nowadays, I find myself sitting at my desk for 10 minutes or so just to collect my thoughts. I enjoyed reading about your thinking/writing process, too. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one running out of ideas. Only ten more days!


  5. ultimateawakener says:

    I love your idea of “quiet” after lunch recess. I think that definitely sets up the afternoon. I think I might try that also. We do poetry and mindfulness activities, but mixing it up would be nice. Thanks for your reflection.


  6. mgminer says:

    Quiet time is why I’m usually the last one to leave the building. I get “in the zone” when things are finally quiet. I love that writing took you to a place other than the one you intended!


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