So much more than writing

The TwoWritingTeachers March Writing Challenge
So much more than writing.

My welcome wagon bloggers!
I have never met these writers.
But now I know their passions, their families, their daily ups and down.
And happily, I leave a comment to keep them writing.

My blogging friends!
Most I’ve only met through twitter and blogging
I value their ideas, opinions and passions
And happily leave a comment and like the comments they leave for me.

My close friends’ posts!
I know these writers because I work with them.
But now I meet their childhood-self, their inner frustrations, and their families.
And happily I leave a comment, sometimes a little more personal because we’ve met!

My students posts!
My twenty-three 3rd graders.
They know me as their teacher but we still share favorite video games, vacation spots, and our pet stories.
And happily I leave a comment and include just the right emoli using Kidblog on my iPad.

This weekend, 60+ comments as a challenge!
Some posts were colleagues and blogging friends
Most were brand new writers to me
All were a gift to me.

I discovered new structures to try,
New topics to write about,
New blogs to follow.

So much is revealed
by reading and commenting on a blog post.
This March writing challenge
is so much more than just writing!

It’s so much to read,
It’s so much to think about
It’s connecting, and commenting and checking back the next day.
It’s my community.

7 thoughts on “So much more than writing

  1. Leigh Anne says:

    You have captured this perfectly…it is so much more than just writing! I just wish I worked with teachers who write, but fortunately, I have my online teachers!


  2. mgminer says:

    You’re part of the reason this community thrives and flourishes. Thank you for your thoughtful comments to me. I’m happy we can support others and each other.
    As I pulled in to work today, though tired, I realized that I am still floating on the feelings and lessons of the weekend! (Not to mention my sore quads from my Saturday a.m. climb!)


  3. rosecappelli says:

    Beautiful sentiments captured so well. I did the 60 comment challenge, too. After awhile it really wasn’t a challenge. I found I wanted to read as many posts as possible to learn more about this community and find new formats.


  4. franmccrackin says:

    Nice poem about a topic I share love for!
    I didn’t manage the challenge, but am glad you did.
    What I liked best was how your verses categorized the people you were reading into meaningful groups, and how you respond to each with warmth and generosity.


  5. paulabourque says:

    Great post, Sally! I have loved ‘getting to know you’ this month. Those 60+ comments this weekend were tough, but rewarding. It really made me read a lot and I learned and felt so much more than if I hadn’t been challenged. CHEERS!


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