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I read on page 40 of Kate Messner’s book 59 Reasons to Write (Stenhouse, 2015) this assignment: “Get inspired by a single word. Go to the random noun generator – click here.
With the first word that pops up, either 1. generate a page of ideas related to that word OR 2. dive in and let that noun kick-start a piece of writing.”
My word – EDGE – I chose option #2 and here’s my story, with EDGE in mind.

I live at the edge of Lacey Wood Park. On one corner is the basketball court. Because the court has lights, it is most busy after dinner. It’s a treat to be outside then, with the dark sky above (is this another kind of edge?), running and dribbling and sweating with the moon watching from above.

An open meadow is adjacent to the court on its one edge. Behind the court is a covered pavilion housing 6 picnic tables. And to the right is a playground.

Then the trees begin. A thick, wooded space fills the remainder of the park. A path meanders through the middle of the woods. As I head down the path on a Saturday morning, the trees get thicker. They are so tall, the sky no longer can be seen. Though it is daytime, the light is not as bright back here in the forest. It is quieter. It is still. It is peaceful within the forest park.

I head through and out the back edge of the park. Now, houses dot the street beyond and cars can be seen and heard. 

Why does all the action seem to happen at the edges?
Why is the middle so still, so peaceful?
What do you like best – edges or interiors?

Note: I had no idea I would write this piece before starting. But having one noun got me to this topic, this piece. Mid-way, I was wondering what this piece is really about (a question I often ask my students in writing workshop. I then searched on my computer, opposite of edge and saw the word interior. Then I started thinking about the actions at the edges and the interior of this park and anything. I love where writing takes me! Thank you, Two Writing Teachers for this safe place to play with my writing. Thank you, Kate Messner for your inspiring lesson.

10 thoughts on “Random Word Generator

  1. Ms Victor Reads says:

    I love what you did here. I am impressed that you are using your idea list- I never seem to do that in the end. Maybe I should just always write a day after you:) Your neighborhood is so different from mine.


  2. quotesphotosandwonders says:

    What a cool tool! I’m going to share it with my students!

    To answer your questions, I like the interior the best… I think you always find something there that you couldn’t see from the edge and it makes it worth digging deeper!
    Thanks for being an inspiration!!!


  3. mgminer says:

    This is one of my favorite pieces you have written! So descriptive and seamlessly merging exterior and interior meanings! I just ordered the book, 59 Reasons…! In reply to Anne, I love the brownie corners best:).

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Frances A Mccrackin says:

    Similar to OLW (One Little Word) writing, you took off on edge and found interior. How did this transition to being so poetic? I felt changes in light and sound and mood and I wanted to be with you. And what a great reminder of how a writing exercise can take us someplace we wouldn’t have found.

    Liked by 1 person

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