We are kind!

I have thought lots about kindness and teaching kindness recently. I teach 23 third graders and at times, I feels like they aren’t kind.

When they think something, they blurt it out. I remind them to raise their hand. It is kind to take turns and not all talk at the same time.

When I give directions, often I am then asked, “What?” right afterwards. I remind them it is kind to listen carefully to the oral directions so then they can follow them.

When playing, they need reminders to keep their hands to themselves. Tackling and wresting aren’t allowed at recess because we need to be safe and kind when we play.

However, Friday they showed me their kindness and I am so proud of them!

I got am email from C’s mom saying her daughter would  be absent and would be getting tubes placed in her ears today. C had told us all about this upcoming operation. She wrote about it on our class kidblog:

So we all knew she was a little nervous about it.

As students arrived on Friday, I told them that C would be out and maybe we could take a minute and post a note to her on Kidblog. I modeled by writing this:


Then I watched as C’s classmates kindly posted these words to her blog:

By the end of the day, C’s mom posted that all went well and thanked us for our blog posts. Then we read this post from C:


I’m proud of my kind students! They may not always raise their hand or listen well and they do love to tackle. But they also know how to send the best Get Well Wishes to a classmate. So kind!

PS Thank you Kidblog for helping us connect with C on a day she needed out support.

7 thoughts on “We are kind!

  1. Ms Victor Reads says:

    It is reassuring to hear that third graders everywhere have the same strengths and needs. I think that you are modeling kindness to them on a daily basis and over time that will become the default rather than the proud exceptional moment. I know that these students are thinkers (from reading some of their writing) and that is the path to so much learning.


  2. franmcveigh says:

    So much to love here.

    The kindness and caring of your students, as Erica said, that you model. How to take a “daily event” and respond thoughtfully. How to use writing to share our thoughts! How to write for a real reason . . . a real purpose!

    The future of our country is in our children. Thank you for being such a patient, thoughtful, and reflective teacher! ❤


  3. Linsey Taylor says:

    I LOVE this! I feel all I ever do is preach kindness. I’m a librarian to over 500 elementary students. Their words can be so unkind. So unkind. Even the simple act of asking some one to move so they can get by can be filled with such unkind words and tone. But your post has given me hope that maybe all my lessons and redirections to be kind might actually be slowly sinking in.


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