New Sport Discovered

“What is that?” I interrupted my daughter who was telling me about her new job as we took a walk in her new Brooklyn neighborhood. I was pointing to the playing field across the street at Prospect Park. And I was thinking,  That is the craziest sport I had ever seen.”

Similar to a soccer game – 2 teams, 2 goals, 2 refs, and a ball. Yet, so crazy looking with the players moving inside a giant bubble! “Who thinks up this kind of stuff up?”

I showed my husband this picture once I returned home and his curiosity led him to send me an email from work on Monday that read:

Turns out it’s a thing.  You have to watch this video:  Soccer is even more fun in a bubble


When I forwarded his email with my daughter, she replied with this email:

Check it out:    Pick-up games are $65 PER PERSON!
 Now that I discovered a new sport called Bubble Soccer, any takers to join the next pick-up game?? I know where we can find one in Brooklyn!! Or maybe we all start a league in our hometown!

9 thoughts on “New Sport Discovered

  1. Amy Warntz says:

    I just saw one of those giant bubbles in a neighbor’s yard and thought that it really looked like fun. Little did I know there is such a thing as bubble soccer! I hope you try a game. It would make for a great slice of life! ~Amy


  2. franmccrackin says:

    Wow! I had seen bubbles for sale in a kid’s catalog and wondered about them.
    And here are adults!
    Your post makes me wish for more- what did it look like, how did they move in them?
    Can they see well, do you think?
    Curiouser and curiouser…

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  3. cmargocs says:

    I’ve seen games like that here in Austin. They are a hoot! I’m not into group sports, but I’d be willing to cheer a bubble soccer game from the sidelines.

    I’m thrilled that in our neighborhood, there are pick-up games of cricket during the school year!


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