A List of Oranges to become Slices

I traveled this weekend and have too many slices in my head. Today I spill many oranges out here on the page through pictures. This summer I vow to return and with the sharp knife of my memory, zoom in and tell each slice.

Yes, I am a proud mom. My oldest put herself through Graduate School at the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago. And after a wonderful weekend celebrating her graduation together, she starts Day 2 today at her new job – Project Manager for the Data Analytics Team for the Hillary for President Campaign…off changing the world, using big data to drive decision.

Yes, indeed. A proud mom!

10 thoughts on “A List of Oranges to become Slices

  1. franmcveigh says:

    Awesome! I had U of Chicago from the pictures! Loved that my picture reading matched your print! (See, we do that in real life!)

    Congratulations – graduation, hood, AND Day 2 of job! Great accomplishments for daughter AND parents!!!


  2. jarhartz says:

    Wow! You have a reason to be proud. Good job momma. (interesting aside: My son is starting his Masters in Public Policy in September. We were at his undergrad commencement this weekend. More we have in common my friend!)


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