Celebrate – an email from a parent!

Today I celebrate an email I received.

The parent wrote: While strolling with my son and our dog the other night, my son said (out of the blue): “Reading is really hard for me and I don’t like to do it, but you know what, mom?  Mrs. Donnelly makes it fun – she makes everything fun, and I think I now like to read.  Can you believe it?  I can hardly believe it.”  Thank you for touching our lives so profoundly, Sally.  

This email made my day!!!

I celebrate my desire to engage first and then teach. The exchange between son and mom clearly reminds me that I can know all the content and be an expert. However, without making it fun, it will never get through. I also believe one more thing is needed – trust. I’ve worked hard this year to build a trusting community with my students so all feel safe to have fun and learn.

As the year comes to an end (in just 15 more school days), I celebrate this feedback from a parent. I, too, feel profoundly touched by this student and all the students that I got to spend the year having fun with as we ALL learned!


9 thoughts on “Celebrate – an email from a parent!

  1. Michelle Haseltine says:

    What a great email! I’m so glad the parent took the time to share this story! You have to know there’s lots more stories like this out there. Fun. Trust. Build relationships. YES! YES! YES! Love this celebration! Thank you!! Best of luck with your 15 days!

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  2. margaretsmn says:

    The fact that this parent felt compelled to email you is also a great indication of the work you have done to make connections possible. Enjoy your next 15 days. In many ways they are the hardest, especially when it comes to saying good-bye.

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  3. Marcie Rush says:

    Parent feedback is so important! I believe it way more important than a test score or observation. I’m so happy that particular parent shared her child’s comment with you! That will certainly stay with you for awhile and will encourage you as you to hang onto the important of engaging first!!

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  4. Terje says:

    This is truly a wonderful celebration. It was very kind of the parent to share the conversation with you. It matters to know that you make a difference. A huge difference – a child who didn’t like reading likes reading thanks to you.

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  5. Crystal @ Reading Through Life says:

    This is lovely! I’m so glad your students have you around so they can learn to enjoy reading even if it’s a struggle. I think it’s so nice that the parent let you know too. I would like to remember more often to let people know when they’ve made an impact on me or my family. Thank yous are such a blessing.


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