Celebrate – State Reading Test Over

In my state of Virginia, 3rd graders take a Standard of Learning test in Reading across 2 days. They read some passages and answer related multiple choice questions to show they can read and comprehend.

Afterwards I find out how many fail, how many are proficient and how many show they are advance proficient in their 3rd grade reading skills.

When students finished their computer test, I took their laptop and they grabbed the novel they are reading and sat quietly to read some more.

During this time, one student raised her hand and I walked to her desk.

“Mrs. Donnelly, I just had to wipe my eyes because the part of my book was so sad.”

I gave her a pat on the shoulder and thought about her comment for awhile.

Her comment shows me that she is a pass advanced reader!! No matter her actually score on the computerized state test, in my opinion she is a reader who can read the words and makes a picture in her minds. She is a reader who can step into the shoes of the character and feels what they are feeling. She is a reader with strong 3rd grade reading skills!!

Today, I celebrate the state test in Reading being completed and I celebrate that one student reminded me what passing a reading test really looks like!


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