#31 – I did it – 3rd year in a row!!

I did it!! I completed the March Slice of Life Writing Challenge
for my 3rd year!!

DAILY I made a post – that’s 31 posts.

DAILY I received comments – a total of 215 comments in all!! (Thank you!!!)

DAILY I left comments for 5 new slicers as part of the Welcome Wagon, as well as, for the handful of Slicers I now feel I know because I regularly read their blogs (like Margaret and Erika) and for those I have now met in person (like Fran, Tara, Julieanne, and Michelle) and for my two friends (Fran McCrackin and Marilyn) and best of all, for my daughter (Anne)!

Looking over my daily posts, I see that I wrote:
4 poems
10 small moments
7 big idea essays
7 times I wrote, inspired by reading another Slicer’s post
9 moments were school moments
4 posts were in response to a writing tip shared while spending the day learning at a Lucy Calkins conference
5 times I wrote about my class using Kidblog for the first time this month

At no time this month did I struggle to have something to write about. I think it is because I tried, for the first time this year, to just live as a writer and use something from the day to drive my post.

I also know I got so much energy to keep writing because my students were also writing up a storm!!!
Thanks to much assistance from Margaret Simon’s and a Middle School colleague and my daughter, Anne, I was able to launch Kidblog with my 23 students.

Today we celebrated with an ORANGE PARTY.
Today my Kidblog DASHBOARD reads:

We graphed our posts and comments.



We reflected on our work.

Best of all, we used the very cool Blue Sky Studio in my new school to gather in. We easily airplayed Kidblog stories from our iPads to share our favorite post written this month. What a magical hour. The students picked and I “read their writing like it was gold” as Lucy suggests! And we just enjoyed hearing the stories that only we can tell!!



I can’t thank the TwoWritingTeachers enough for providing this March Challenge. Looking back, I realize I have read so much this month. I have written so much this month. And most of all, I have surrounded myself with writers!! What a perfect month!!

7 thoughts on “#31 – I did it – 3rd year in a row!!

  1. Sally says:

    I highly recommend Kidblog!! It is so easy, so safe and so easy to add comments. The kids love adding a picture header and writing a story. I am blown away by their engagement!! We plan to continue using it in April to write poetry and then in May/June to write book reviews and restaurant/video game recommendations! I say give it a try!!


  2. djvichos says:

    Congrats on your 3rd year! and writing with your students! I love your reflection rundown and your shout outs to your fellow bloggers. Great way to end the challenge! Thanks for all your encouraging comments along the way!


  3. Evi Hickman says:

    Congrats to you and the kids!! Lifelong lessons!! I love how you used numbers to quantify the magnitude of what you and the students really accomplished this month built upon what you did together up till March this year! Literacy and numeracy going hand in hand! 😄


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