Before That

Before That

I opened my eyes, removed the earplugs from my ears, turned off my kindle and the light and went back to sleep.

I climbed into bed, propped up with 2 pillows, placed the ear plugs into my ears, clicked on my kindle fire and picked Episode 49 of House of Cards to view.

I turned on the shower, very hot, to soothe my aching muscles.

I enjoyed pizza and popcorn while watching my favorite basketball team, Virginia, move into the Elite Eight after beating Iowa State easily.

I texted my friend, “Did you see that move?” as I watched the instant replay to actually see the behind-the-back pass.

I watched a VA player bring the ball down the court, and then suddenly he didn’t have the ball but the player on his right did and he scored.

I saw Anna at Pietaza as I picked up a pizza to enjoy while watching the VA basketball game.

I washed my hands, covered with dirt from cutting away the overgrown bamboo seeping into our yeard from our neighbor’s yard.

I grabbed the rake, the branch trimmer and lawn waste bags and headed to the back yard.

I drove home glad to have connected with a SOL blogging friend in person.

I drove two counties over to meet in person a SOL blogging friend for breakfast.

I awoke ready to start my seventh day of Spring Break.

I’ve seen this form of poetry last year and this year.
With days to go in this challenge, describing my Friday in this form, seemed to work.


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