Girls on the Run – First time

First, let me explain that I am not a runner. I grew up swimming year-round. I was okay when I ran the shuttle for the Presidential Fitness Award but hated the day we had to run the mile. I hated that feeling I always got of a cramp in my side and not being able to catch my breath because I would start out too fast.

This Fall there was a 5k race at my new school and I thought, why not. I should be supportive and run. It’s just a 5K. Little did I know that the race course was all up and down hills. As I climbed each hill, I just looked down, walked and kept telling myself, “One foot. Now the other foot.” As I climbed, I remembered the scene in A Long Walk to Water where the one character would tell the boy walking, “Just to that tree.” Then once there, “Just to that tree.” So I kept telling myself, “Just walk to the top and then run down the hill.” So after many walks up and runs down hills and many runners passing me, I did finish!!

Weeks ago I read that coaches were needed for the Spring Girls on the Run at my school. I thought, why not? It is Spring and I can walk and run. And hopefully the end of the season’s run will be on a course with less hills! And I get to be outside, moving and supporting girls!!

Our group met today for the first time. Lucky for us, it was gorgeous out, 60+ degrees! The hour went by quickly as we bonded over a game that got us to learn names. Then the other coach and I took turns running/walking on the half-mile loop around our school.

It is a good feeling to be outside and moving. I still don’t think I’ll ever call myself a running. But who know? I never before called myself a writer and this is my 526th blog post!

10 thoughts on “Girls on the Run – First time

  1. llsmiles says:

    Yes! That is something to celebrate! I hear a runner whispering inside of you. I am going to join you in drawing on the “just to that tree” inspiration as I tread my way on the treadmill. I want to run some so that I can burn more calories. Me and the Couch to 5K app have an on again off again relationship but you have inspired me!


  2. cindaroo42 says:

    This is inspiring! You are the one that gets to decide if you are a “blogger” or a “runner”. You will be such a role model for the girls you coach and show them so much can come from something new, especially something that seems challenging. You go girl!


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