Since Last March

Thanks, Fran McVeigh for teaching me this poetry format who learned it from Erin Baker’s “Since Last March” found here.

By Sally Donnelly

Since last March, I’ve taken with my mom to her grandkids
A grandson in Long Beach, CA to see him play volleyball
A granddaughter in Chicago, IL to see her while studying in the windy city
A grandson in Chesapeake VA to watch him sign to play college baseball at Tennessee.

Since last March, my “baby” turned twenty-four
Twenty-four and a school-based sub at my school
Twenty-four and helping me with all-things-tech and anchor charts for my classroom
Twenty-four and nudging me to eat more vegetables like brussel sprouts

Since last March, I’ve said good-bye to working at Janney ES
Goodbye to Morning Jamboree and only teaching 5th Grade Writing
Goodbye to the city-life in Tenleytown
Goodbye to Friday Happy Hours shared with great colleagues

Since last March, I’ve said hello to working at Discovery ES
Hello to a 2-mile drive (and sometimes walk) to work
Hello to taking the indoor, yellow slide downstairs
Hello to teaching all subjects to a great group of bright 3rd graders

Hello, March, 2016.
A year to travel to NYC and the beach
A year to see my oldest graduate from UChicago
A year to get settled in our newly built house!

Hello, March.
It’s time to write!


As a writing teacher, I try to spy on myself to see how I did something so I can show another.
For this poem, I did this:
1. Gathered the stems from Fran’s poem –
I’ve taken a trip to…
My baby turned…
Good-bye to…
Hello to..
2. Looked at my facebook and photos on my phone to see what I had done since last March. That helped me to see that I’d taken my mom on three trips!

March – challenge with Scott and Fran and Mary
April – Spring Break in Long Beach CA
May – winery birthday party
June – a year at Janney…summer of writing
July – NYC Reading Institute
KY/Chicago/Ohio road trip with mom
August –
September – new school
Oct – NYC
Nov – Richmond Thanksgiving
watch Garrett sign to play baseball at UT
Dec – Moved!!
Jan – blizzard
Feb – settling in
March – time to write!
I’m not a natural poet so poetry forms like this help!! And I still want to ADD photos but no time today. Thanks, Fran for helping me be a poet!!

13 thoughts on “Since Last March

  1. llsmiles says:

    What!? This is amazing. I love it. I didn't get to read Fran's poem or the mentor text but the poem structure is lovely. I especially love that you talked about your process. Sally, thank you so much for sharing. Okay, what day is your birthday in May? I, too, was at a winery last May celebrating my birthday 🙂 My birthday is May 9th. We are May sisters. I am going to borrow your format for my slice. Thank you!


  2. elsie says:

    Your poem is great, but the best part is writing about your process. It is hard to remember what's happened. I love that the discovery of the trips surprised you. Life is good!


  3. aggiekesler says:

    I love this idea! And I especially love how you shared the insight into how you created it. Sounds like you had a busy year! 🙂
    My blog site is


  4. Marilyn Miner says:

    I love the patterns that emerge during the SOL challenge. Have you tried “Currently?” I want to try Fran's Frank Sinatra spin-off she posted today. You are gifted at taking apart and defining structures. Do you get that from being married to an architect:)?


  5. Sally says:

    Actually, in May I was attending my sister-in-law's 60th may 4th b-day at a winery. My b-day is Oct 11th! But glad we were celebrating b-days in wineries so that makes us some kind of “sisters” maybe!! I look forward to reading your poem when you try this format!!


  6. Sally says:

    Last year I tried Currently!! Thanks for reminding me – need to try it again!! And I do wonder if Brian's design and attention to details help me see structure?? Something to think about!


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