Car Inspection Sticker Updated Today – Finally!

I get a certain feeling every time I see a police car. When I spy one while driving, my foot automatically moves to the brake pedal. If I view one in my rear-view mirror, I’ll immediately move to the far right lane so it can pass me. It’s weird because I have rarely been stopped by the police but just seeing such a car while driving, causes me to tense up.

As I drove to school on Friday, I came to a 4-way stop sign. Directly across from me was a police car, staring right at me . As expected, I tensed up and even though I had the right of way, I didn’t go at my turn. I just wanted this car out of my sight. He proceeded and then so did I.

As I was in my frozen stupor, I stared at the police car and also at my front windshield. It was February 26th – 2/16 and I was staring at a 1/16 on my windshield’s inspection sticker. In VA, a car owner is to have their car inspected yearly. A sticker number is placed on the lower part of the windshield as a reminder of when it expires. A one?? Really?? How did I not get the car inspected in January. And now, it is just days away from it being the third month! That police car could have stopped me and given me a ticket. All these thoughts went through my mind on a Friday morning.

Today, after parking my car all weekend and using my husband’s car, I went to the gas station right after work. Now on my car’s windshield is a new 3/17 sticker. I still may tense up if I see a police car while driving but at least I know he can’t stop me because of a very outdated inspection sticker!!


10 thoughts on “Car Inspection Sticker Updated Today – Finally!

  1. Fran says:

    Darn numbers that interfere with a busy life! I was just noting the number of miles since the last oil change yesterday.

    And, oh, the feeling that starts in the stomach when I see that police, sheriff, highway patrol car. I agree that it's neeve-wracking! So glad that you have taken care of your sticker!


  2. Deb Lairson says:

    Your story reminds me of the first time I was ever pulled over. I was on my way back to school and my birthday was October 6th. It was October 30th. I thought I had until the 31st to get a new sticker (pushing it of course), and so I didn't think anything of it. Well, sure enough… I passed a police officer, saw her turn around and flip on the lights. I was not as lucky as you. 🙂


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