Last Night’s Dinner

“We need broccoli and one onion.”
“OK, I’ll get that and meet you in the cheese aisle,” I told Anne, my daughter who is gathering items at Whole Foods to replicate a favorite meal she often cooked while in France last year. Then, she was living in Chambery while teaching English for TAPIF (Teaching Assistant Program in France).

Why make this meal this weekend?
A former TAPIF friend she roomed with while in France is visiting us for the weekend.

Fast forward 24 hours….

“Do you have a cutting board?” asked Hannah.
“Sure, right here,” I replied and handed her our bamboo cutting board.
“Use this knife,” suggested Anne.

After opening a bottle of wine and pouring myself a glass, I walked out of the kitchen, leaving it in good hands. An hour later my husband and I joined the kitchen-duo for their meal.

“What do we have here?” asked Brian.
“It is basically a French mac&cheese casserole with pancetta and as Americans, we added broccoli. Instead of elbow macaroni, we used Crozets, the pasta Chambery is known for making.”
“Wow….so cheesy…so good….very filling”
“It’s best to eat after a day of skiing on the French slopes!”
“It’s pretty great here on President’s Day in VA!”

As I loaded the dishwasher after dinner, I thought my husband and I have done an OK job as parents. Not too bad having our youngest cook us a meal which helped her and her friend relive their amazing year of teaching in France.



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