Celebration – WORDS must change the world

As I drove to the dry cleaner this morning, doing a mundane Saturday chore, I heard the announcer on npr say, “The first time since 1920….prime real estate space…editorial about guns.”

My next stop aftrr dropping off the shirts to be pressed was Starbucks and there it was, this editorial:
End the Gun Epidemic in America by the NYTimes

I celebrate today, that despite the horrid news of the last few days, weeks, months, years, relating to gun violence in my country, the leading newspaper in our country LOUDLY stated their personal opinion, pushing for the citizens of America to take a stand.

I hate that so many places in my country/world have suffered because of guns.

But this move by the NYTimes is definitely in the right direction, as hopes and prayers are no longer enough, as implied by the New York Daily’s headline – God Isn’t Fixing This.

I also celebrate that as an American, I vote. I will be listening so my vote for the next set of leaders is for leaders who also demand the changes called for by the NYTimes today.

I believe WORDS can change the world. And now I see more clearly how leaders are needed to make the words become a reality.


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