Happy Thanksgiving!

Look closely at the fingers to see what this student is thankful for!


Look closely at fingers to see what Mrs. Donnelly is thankful for!
Weekly, my students and I write to our parents to share highlights of our week. Because this is just  a 2-day school week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, I had them add a move I used to have my kindergarten students do – make a Turkey using the outline of our hand!!
On one side of the letter to the parents is the student turkey with their list of four things written across their finger/feathers and on the reverse side is my turkey. (see images above!)
I should also add that I am MOST thankful for the TwoWritingTeachers blog! It provides me with a space to make my writing public on their amazing blog that also inspires me as a writing teacher daily. And I am thankful for all the blog writers (most I only know virtually). You also inspire and keep me going!
Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Keep Writing!

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    TWT has been a such a positive influence in my writing life, my teaching life, and my personal life. The connections are amazing, even more so when I get to meet some of them face to face. My daughter said the other day after reading a comment…they act like they know you. I laughed and said, they do!


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