March 30 – Before That

I entered my house, sat down on the couch, and closed my eyes for a moment, before making dinner

Before that, I walked my homeroom class downstairs for afternoon dismissal

Before that, I reminded M to pass out his birthday donuts, but “just to those students who are sitting and writing”

Before that, my homeroom class and I stood, according to height and said “Cheese” as the visiting photographer took our class photo for the school yearbook

Before that, my homeroom class listened to the writing mini-lesson and began to write independently

Before that, I sat next to O from Ms F class who has trouble focusing and when his pencil stopped, I said another prompt, to keep him writing (“For example…another example…I realize…Some people think…But I think….”)

Before that, I sat with the team and the administration to discuss a prank-texting occurrence by some students

Before that, I took bites of my lunch while writing sub plans as tomorrow I need to be out

Before that, I sat with the 5 students from Ms L’s class who did not put up their thumb when they heard “Thumbs up if you know what memory you want to write about now in your notebook” and I brainstormed with these 5 writers, until all had a story to go off and write

Before that, I watched the district evaluator come through my door after the first group of writing students arrived and my heart began to beat a bit faster, even though I had control of the first writing class of the day and had an engaging lesson ready to deliver

Before that, I was greeted by A who said, “Good Morning, Mrs. Donnelly. I am rooting for Duke” and I greeted F by saying, “Good Morning, F. I am rooting for UVA”

Before that, I turned the alarm off at 5:23am, showered, dressed, grabbed breakfast at Starbucks and drove to school, ready for a fun, busy day

Before that, I plugged in my phone that read Sunday – 11:11pm next to my bed, feeling ready to start a week of generating memoir ideas with my students during Writing Workshop

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