March 28 – Currently


sitting on the train headed north

watching the sky begin to get brighter

munching on a protein-rich powerbar

sipping my Starbuck’s venti hot-chocolate with no whip-cream

chatting with my friend about books and methods

anticipating all the smart ideas I’ll hear all day long

rereading the pages of workshop offerings

jotting down the 20+ talks I want to hear

preparing to only have time to hear 4 plus the keynotes

tweeting “I’m on my way to #TCRWP Saturday Reunion”

What are you doing, currently?



5 thoughts on “March 28 – Currently

  1. msosterman49 says:

    I knew I might find your thoughts on the train ride! As for my thoughts today…empty and I am enjoying the emptiness. My mind wanders from family, to house, to history, to appreciation. I am riding the wave of the wandering brain while you enjoy the rock and roll of the train 🙂


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