March 26 – To slice – definitely not in Kansas anymore!

Yesterday I shared lines from three of my favorite movies (inspired by my daughter’s trip to Austria to see where the Sound of Music was filmed (another all-time favorite film of mine).

When I recall my favorite films, I recall these lines:
1. “M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E”
This is a line delivered v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y by the priest in The Princess Bride as Princess Buttercup and her not-true love are being united in marriage. I’m reminded now that Buttercup is played by actress, Robin Wright, the same actress that plays Claire Underwood so well in the series, House of Cards. If I was asked to compare these two characters (say like as a PARCC Literary esssay response!) I do think similarities and differences exist. In both, the female character is striving for true love only to be manipulated by the men around her. I think I’ll rewatch this movie soon with House of Cards in mind. (I don’t need to rewatch House of Cards – it is fresh in my mind as I sliced about it on Day 3 HERE )
2. “Let’s be independent together.”
This line is delivered by Rudolph to the misfit dentist-wannabe, Herby. They decide to go off to find the Island of Misfit Toys and cleverly say this line. I’ve always loved this line. It seems to be the opposite because being independent implies going it alone. Yet, it always feels better to me to not be alone, to be part of a community, whether it is family, school, work, friends. Even as I enourage my student writers to be independent, I know by being together as a writing community, we are stronger. Hey, maybe that is what SLICERS are – being independent together! I also relate to these two misfits who are both so brilliant in their own way, yet feel inferior. Don’t we all feel that way at time? I know I do.
3. “Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”
This is stated by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. It is that magical moment in the movie that I still recall so vividly as I watched it on TV as a child. That moment when the movie transformed from being in black and white to being in COLOR! The streets of yellow immediately appear so vibrant. The colors everywhere so bright. And clearly, Dorothy and her dog were “not in Kansas anymore.”  
Looking back at all three of these films, I see connections. If asked to discuss the theme across these films (say like on a PARCC ELA assessment), I would highlight the theme of a journey and each of the above lines could be my text evidence. In one, the journey to find true love. In another, a journey to fit in. In the third, a journey home, because there is “no place like home”. 
Not to sound too sappy, but being part of THIS writing community for 26 days plus 31 last year has been such a worthwhile journey, one where I am finding my true love while being together as I write independently. To slice – definitely not in Kansas anymore!

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