March 25th – What movies stick with YOU?

My daughter is on Spring Break and she went to Europe to see her sister in France and included a trip to Salzburg, Austria. Yesterday she posted pictures to facebook with this statement:

The Sound of Music was my favorite film, growing up. I must have watched it over 100 times over the years. I even distinctly remember that I turned 7 on a Tuesday and therefore obviously wanted a pink parasol, just like Marta. Yesterday I explored the locations where the movie was filmed. So amazing!


Stories, whether read or viewed, do stick with us.
When I recall my favorite films, I recall these lines:
1. “M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E”
2. “Let’s be independent together.”
3. “Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”
(Can you identify the movie? Answers tomorrow!)
What STORY sticks with you?
What LINE sticks with you?!

4 thoughts on “March 25th – What movies stick with YOU?

  1. Marcie R says:

    Wow what beautiful pictures!! My favorite movie of all time is The Curting Edge 🙂 I only know one of your movie lines but then again I don't watch many movies (my husband is appalled at my lack of movie knowledge)!


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