March 16 – Lawyers

I’m a sucker for The Good Wife, Law and Order and years ago, LA Law. I like watching how lawyers show how the law can be interpreted so their client wins. At the same time, I am glad I am not a lawyer. I tend to believe what people tell me. It seems like lawyers are the opposite. They need to remain skeptical and instead, figure out how the law can be used to the advantage of their client.

Recently, my husband and I have a lawyer helping us. We signed a contract to have a contractor build us a new house based on my architect husband’s design. It’s called the white(out)house, as we whited out or demolished the 80-year old house on our land and are having a new green-designed 21st century house built. We had planned to be in the new house for Thanksgiving. Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and only the shell of a new house is complete.

So lawyers are involved…

A year ago October, I signed my name to a piece of paper excited to have a new house built. The words on that contract have been read, reread, discussed, and interpreted in a variety of ways over the past 18 months.  Hopefully by Friday, I will sign my name to a new document buying out the contractor and agreeing to no longer have them complete the building of our house.

This situation reminds me that the world is filled with different kinds of people who have different ways of seeing things – different perspectives. The builder thinks… We think… Luckily, the builder’s lawyer and our lawyer have drafted a document that will allow both parties to agree to break a contract and no longer work together. Though I know I could never be a lawyer, I am glad one is helping. Without a lawyer, the thinking of the builder and our thinking would never be reconciled.



One thought on “March 16 – Lawyers

  1. Colleen Kires says:

    I just started teaching argument writing today. Hopefully my kiddos will walk away with a better understanding that mirrors what you were reminded of – people have different perspectives.


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