March 10 – Technology…love it / hate it

Looking around my living room/dining room last night I saw my school mac laptop, my blue iPhone 5C, my kindle, my husband levova laptop, his surface and his windows phone. Just the two of us have LOTS of tech devices in our lives. At times, I love it. At times, I hate it!

I love technology when it works for me…

I love the March writing challenge. It is just my second year and at firt, it seemed like a lot of tech to figure out to participate. But now I easily understand how to post to my blog, copy my link to the and how to click and leave my comments. Lots of steps but now I can do it seamlessly and I love the writing and reading practice I am getting!

I love Wed night twitter chats with #tcrpw. After a year of “lurking”, I have started to post my own tweets during their hour conversations.

I love connecting with my daughters who live far away from home now. I can text them. I can call them. I can view their instagram photos. I can check their status on facebook. Using technology, they don’t seem so far away.

I love having my map app on my phone help me drive to a new location.

I love downloading a book to my kindle and reading a new book without needing to visit the library or bookstore.

I loved binge watching House of Cards and viewing other stories on Netflix and being inspired by online Tedtalks.

I hate technology when it doesn’t work for me…

I hate it when at school, I can’t connect to a printer, (which seems to have happened lots lately and I don’t get why).

I hate it when I can’t remember my username and/or password to log into a site I really want to get into.

I hate it when I sit and listen to the PARCC webinar (what I did yesterday from 3:30-5pm) that is explaining how I am to administer the online PARCC test starting Wednesday. The voice says a step. My brain begins to comprehend it as another important step is shared. The webinar screen changes and I have no idea how to make my computer screen change also. Lucky for me, a repeat webinar is occurring this morning at school. I plan to go. Afterwards, I hope I will say that I love how easy it is to start the PARCC assessment using my computer!

Technology…I love it sometimes and I hate it sometimes.
But I guess that is how it is with most things!


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