March 27 – Happy 50th Birthday to my husband

At 18, he was my date to the Senior prom.
The next two years, he filled my college mailbox with hand-written letters.
We walked The Lawn as graduates in ’86, married in ’87 and had our own Wahoos in ’88 and ’92.
The 90s were spent raising the girls and renovating our townhouse.
The 00s were about supporting our girls through High School and College and relaxing at the beach.
Now the 10s. We both are in our 50s, he just joining this decade today.
Both have good jobs.
Both enjoy our time with our grown girls.
Both still like each other.
The 20s…I can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “March 27 – Happy 50th Birthday to my husband

  1. Kendra says:

    Enjoy the day! We are about a decade behind you, but spent last night with some mentors looking at the past 15 years. I love thinking of how much we've seen together!


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