March 26 – I’m just realizing that I AM a writer

For 25 days I have written. Often I’ve drafted the night before and then as I awoke, I posted it. Then after school, I’d read and comment and write again. I had a routine and it was working. Then I went away for the weekend and I had to write and post whenever it fit in. I read and commented also when it fit in. Now I am trying to get back into my routine.

Routine is good. I know what to expect. I get up on time and get to work on time and cook dinner on time. I get things done. It feels good to accomplish stuff. I look to the clock often to stay on track and be where I am to be.

Taking a vacation from the routine is fun, too. From last Friday to Monday, I barely noticed what time it was, except to ensure I was on time to the conference and for the train ride home. Otherwise, I walked and stopped to eat when I felt like it. I browsed and observed and took photos to hold onto what I was seeing. I had limited structure and limited obligations.

Which is better? I don’t think that is the right question. I think I thrive on having a routine, making teaching a perfect job for me. I also think I need a break at times away from the expected to enjoy the unexpected.

No matter what, I am realizing that writing is the task I’ll choose to do during the routine and the during the breaks. I am grateful to this March writing challenge as it showed me how it can be part of both worlds. Maybe, just now after 25 days, I am realizing that I am a writer…someone who writes daily!


4 thoughts on “March 26 – I’m just realizing that I AM a writer

  1. debf says:

    What a wonderful discovery! I am a newbie I. This challenge and I am discovering I like to write with humor- even though humor at only be in the head of the writer! I have also discovered this is a wonderfully supportive community where taking risk is safe!


  2. Tara Smith says:

    March is wonderful for this reason – it awakens the writer in those who have not yet written every day, and it sharpen the skills of those who have. So glad that you participated this year, Sally!


  3. lromainebrown says:

    I much prefer to drift to writing when I have time to daydream and do whatever…but I'm grateful to have the push to write when I don't think I have anything left over during crushingly busy times.
    Like you, I finally realized “I'm a writer” without all the trappings of professional, or ambitions to publish books…it's just something I do.


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