March 21 – Heading to the TCRWP Reunion Saturday

Worked for four days, teaching my 27 fourth graders.
Taught a group of teachers Thursday afternoon at another school.
Returned to my school at 7pm to leave sub plans.
Mission accomplished at 9:11pm.
Made dinner and packed once at home.
Emailed my grade-level partner because I forgot to leave something for my sub.
Set alarm for 5:30am.

Catching the 7:25am train to Penn Station.
Will be sitting in Riverside Church tomorrow at 8am awaiting the Reunion to start!

I’m exhausting thinking about all I did to take one Friday off from work.
I discovered TCRWP the summer of 2009.
Then every Oct and March, I’ve attended their Reunion Saturday workshops.
How can I pass up a day of freee workshops taught by the smartest literacy people in our nation?
I can’t!

Suddenly, I don’t feel exhausted at all!
“All Aboard”!


7 thoughts on “March 21 – Heading to the TCRWP Reunion Saturday

  1. thebeachpapers says:

    Jealous!! Sounds like you are going to have an amazing time. have a wonderful break talking all things Literacy. This slice had a sense of urgency to it. I felt the rush. What does it look like on a train to Penn Station? 🙂


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